The crucible act 3

Why is Giles Corey expelled from the court? Why womt Danforth hear his advice? – He refuses to give a name- He needs a name
Why is Mary Warren in court? What does she tell Danforth? Why is Danforth suspicious of her and Proctor? Why does Proctor remind her of the angel Raphael? -Proctor needs her to tell the court the truth and free his wife-Mary tells Danforth that she was lying and that all of the girls are lying -Danforth is suspicious of Mary and Proctor because he thinks Proctor is threatening Mary into this confession. He tells her that ********s all liars – didn’t she realize that “people would hang by her evidence?”
What is the significance of Proctor plowing on Sunday? – He is not going to church and he is working on Sabbath day
Over and over, Danforth says that the good have nothing to fear. What evidence can you give to show that the opposite is true? – Elizabeth, Martha, and Giles were all good people
What arrangements does Danforth make for Elizabeth regarding the date of her hanging? – She will be free for at least a year if she drops charges
Danforth assumes Proctor would drop his fight once Elizabeth’s arrangement is made; why does Proctor refuse to back down? -He wants to do what’s right and help the Corey’s and the Nurses
What document does Proctor present to Danforth, and what does the document say? – A petition of people signing that they have never noticed anything strange about the woman
How many people have signed the document? – 91
What does Danforth do to those who signed the document presented by Proctor? – He arrests all of them for questioning
Explain this statement made by Danforth: “a person is either with this court or he or she must be counted against it, there is no road between.” Is this true? – No, because no one could care; Danforth has a stubborn personality
What does Giles Corey allege in his deposition about Thomas Putnam’s motives? – Putnam wanted land, arresting his neighbor could help him get it
What is meant by Proctor’s statement “Do that which is good, and no harm shall come to thee.” – If she tells the truth she will be saved by God
At what point does John Hale begin to show that he is less that satisfied with the court’s procedures? – with the arrests of Rebecca Nurse
Does Mary Warren actually admit that she lied even when she knew innocent people would hang by her evidence? – No, Abigail sees a bird and they all catch on
Mary Warrens testimony is destroyed in the end because she cannot do something. What? How does she explain the problem? – She cannot fake a faint- She says hallucinations made her faint
What secret does John openly admit to Danforth? – The affair
What is the professed purpose of the court? Why doesn’t the court need witnesses? What does this suggest about the proceedings? – To judge people’s innocence- The girls were “chosen by God”- Anyone can accuse anyone whether it was witnessed or not
Why does Proctor confess to lechery? Why does he think Danforth and Hathorne will believe his confession? Why don’t they believe him? – So they can hear what he is actually like- He is destroying his reputation- Abigail is so high in power
How is Elizabeth’s testimony used against Proctor? Why is this an unfair test of Elizabeth’s word against John’s? – Elizabeth’s testimony is untrue unlike Proctor said it would be- She was trying to save John
How does Abigail turn the court against Mary Warren? – Pretending Mary shape shifted into a bird
Why does Hale denounce the proceedings? What has been the effect of his denunciation? Why is this not effective? – The evidence against the girls- They ignore the evidence
Danforth gives the premier for judging a witch. Summarize his guidelines. – They rely on the victims because witchcraft is an “invisible art”
How does Abigail threaten Danforth? – “Let you beware, Mr. Danforth. Think you to be so mighty that the power of Hell may not turn your wits? beware of it!”
What is the importance of John Proctors last speech (in act III)? – He learns to accept himself- he sees “some shred of goodness” in himself
What happens to John Proctor at the end of the act? – Stands up to the court, gets arrested
How does John Hale show his disapproval? – Standing up to the court and quitting
What confession does Proctor make in open court? How does Danforth test the truth of his confession? – His affair- He asked Elizabeth who “doesn’t lie”

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