The Crucible (Act 3)

What is the setting of Act Three? The courthouse.
What is the significance of the behind the scenes discussion between Hathorne, Danforth, Martha Corey, and Giles Corey? The judges don’t want to look at the evidence.
How do Proctor, Francis, and Giles plan to use Mary Warren’s testimony to prove that “Heaven is NOT speaking through the children”? They want Mary Warren to say that it is all a pretense. The girls are putting up a pretense to save themselves.
What is the significance of Proctor plowing on Sunday? He wasn’t keeping the Sabath day holy. They used this as evidence against him.
How do Danforth and Hathorne attempt to get Proctor to drop the charge that Mary Warren has lied? Why do they want him to do so? Why does Proctor refuse? They call his bluff. This is not a true court. Proctor refuses to assist Giles and Francis.
Why are Proctor, Francis, and Giles repeatedly accused of attacking the court? They are bring up counter evidence.
Why is Putnam brought into the court? He wants land.
Why is Giles accused of contempt of court? He refuses to give the name of the man who gave the info about putnam and his neighbor.
What is the significance of the point made by Danforth that “no uncorrupted man may fear this court”? Is this true? How does this point tie the court and the church together? Everybody has been called up and most of them have been uncorrupted. It proves the church and court are corrupt.
Why does Hale suggest that Proctor should have a lawyer? What does this tell us about Hale’s feelings about the justice of the trial? Is this a change in his attitude? Why does Danforth refuse? Hale knows Proctor won’t get a fair trial. There is a change in Hale’s attitude.
What is contained in Mary Warren’s depositions? Why are the other children who have cried out brought in? She never saw any spirits. To see how everything plays out and if Mary will tell the truth with the other children.
How does Danforth equate the court with the church? The laws are the laws.
What does Abigail say about Mary’s testimony? Why does she lie? She knows she’s lying. She lies to protect herself.
What role does Parris play during the testimony? Why does he lie about the dancing in the woods? Parris keeps bringing stuff up and replaying stuff over and over again. He lies to protect himself. He lies about seeing them naked.
What point does Hathorne make about Mary fainting? Why can’t she faint on command? If she faints on command, then they’ll think all the girls can faint on command. She doesn’t know who’s side to take.
How does Danforth confuse Mary Warren?
What does Abigail do to befuddle Mary? She sees a yellow bird.
What secret does Proctor reveal about himself and Abigail? Why does he reveal it? That he and Abigail had a relationship. He calls Abigail a *****.
Why does Elizabeth deny John’s relationship with Abigail? What is the result of her denial? She denies the affair to save John. He announces that he’s told the truth. They know Elizabeth is a liar.
What evidence is there that Hale no longer believes the testimony and crying out of the girls? He leaves.
What do the girls do to convince the men otherwise? Why? How does their action further befuddle Mary? What does Mary do? They say John’s the witch.

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