The Crucible: Act 2 Summary

The Visit to Home John Proctor goes home and meets his honest wife Elizabeth, who asks about Salem.
Elizabeth’s Accusation Elizabeth Proctor is accused of witchcraft by Abigail, and she wants Proctor to reveal Abigail’s lies, but Proctor has a hard time doing so.
The Revealing of The Affair Elizabeth question’s Proctor’s fidelity and knows him as a liar. Argument between the two.
Mary and the Poppet Mary hands a poppet to Elizabeth, and Proctor questions her about the arrests. Elizabeth says Good’s a witch b/c she can’t say the 10 commandments.
Hale’s Questioning Hale then comes over and asks Proctor if he knows his 10 commandments, baptism, and learns that the sickness isn’t witchcraft.
Cheever and the Poppet Cheever comes in. He’s looking for the poppet from the wife. He finds it, and almost arrests Elizabeth until Mary reveals it and accuses abigail of adultery.
Proctor, Mary, and the Truth Proctor and Mary learn about the truth and want to reveal it.

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