the crucible act 2

what is the significance of the scene between elizabeth and john proctor it shows how distant their relationship is and how elizabeth is still holding a grudge. it reveals that john is doing what he can to save the relationship, but elizabeth will not let go
what is the gift mary warren gave to elizabeth the doll that she made in court
what info does mary provide about the trail elizabeth was accused of witchery and 39 people were arrested including mrs. osburn and mrs. good
what role is mary warren playing at the trail a witness
why does reverend hale come to the proctors home to question them about their faith. he also tell sthe proctors that elizabeths name was mentioned
what relationship does hale suggest exists between the church and the court g-d informs the judge about who is guilty or innocent
what does proctor tell hale about why the children were ill. how does he know they were dancing in the woods and took ill when parris caught them. abby told him when they were alone
what is the point of the discussion between hale and the proctors about whether they believe in witches it shows how quickly a person can be accused of going against g-d when they do not agree with the opinion of the church
what does giles report to the proctors that mrs. nurse and mrs. corey are being arrested
what event begins to change hale’s opinion about the arrests. how does he feel about the court that good people like rebecca nusre are being arrested. he is feeling resentful and he is starting to feel it is not fair
what role does cheever play and what does it reveal about his character he collects people who have been summoned to the court. it reveals that he feels the court is fair and he is only doing his job as a citizen
what do we learn about why mary warren gvae the poppet to elizabeth abigail knew mary was going to give the doll to elizabeth so abby tried to frame elizabeth
why is elizabeth arrested because they thought she tried to kill abby with the doll. there was a needle stuck in the doll and there was a needle in abigail
what do we learn about mary warrnes motives at the end of the act she doesnt want to save mrs. poctor, but she is terrified of what abby will do to her if she confesses

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