The Crucible Act 2

Where did Elizabeth Proctor ask John to go? To Salem to tell the authorities Abigail is lying.
How does John respond to ELizabeth when she asks him to go to Salem? He hesitates.
Mary Warren upset the Proctors by doing what? Disobeying them and going to Salem.
What lie did John Proctor tell his wife? He told her that when he saw Abigail he was with a group of people. He was really alone with her.
What gift did Mary Warren give Elizabeth? a poppet.
What “evidence” did the court have against Sarah Good? She could not recite the Ten Commandments.
Why does Elizabeth think Abigail wants to kill her? She believes that Abilgail wants to take her place as John’s wife.
Why did Reverend Hale come to the Proctor’s house? To question them about their Christian nature.
Name 3 things that are suspicious about Proctor and his family? John rarely goes to Church because his wife is sick, Reverend Parris only speaks of Hell and is greedy, he never baptized his third son.
On what charges was Rebecca Nurse arrested? The murder of Goody Putnam’s babies.
Why does Cheever come to the Proctor house? He comes to arrest Elizabeth.
Why did they end up arresting Elizabeth? Because they found the doll with a needle in it.
If John Proctor tells everyone that she’s lying, what will happen to Proctor? Abigail will tell everyone they had an affair.
Mary doesn’t want to testify about the doll, why? She is afraid of Abigail.
Giles Corey reveals that two more women were accused of witchcraft, who were they? Matha Corey and Rebecca Nurse

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