The Crucible-Act 1 (Characters and Conflicts)

Reverend Samuel Parris widower in his 40s, had some enemies in his congregation, educated at Harvard
Abigail Williams fired as a servant to the Proctors, living with her uncle (Reverend Parris)
Mrs. Putnam had 7 of her 8 children die in infancy, consumed with finding a scapegoat
Mr. Putnam bitter man because his father gave more money to his step-brother than to him, Ruth’s father
Tituba Reverend Parris’ servant from Barbados
Betty Parris Reverend Parris’ daughter
Mercy Lewis Putnam family’s current servant
Mary Warren current servant of the Proctor’s
John Proctor farmer in his mid-30s with three sons
Giles Correy 83 years old, involved in land disputes
Rebecca Nurse 72 years old, well-respected, has a good reputation
Reverend John Hale minister from the nearby town of Beverly, expert in all things demonic
Proctor vs Self feels guilty over the affair
Proctor vs Abigail He says it’s over, she thinks he still loves her
Proctor vs Parris Parris accuses Proctor of leading a group against him. Proctor says he doesn’t come to church because all Parris preaches on is hell
Putnams vs Goody Osburn midwife for 3 of the babies, they all died
Putnams vs Nurses wanted different men to be minister
Putnams vs Parris not who they wanted as minister

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