The Crucible Act 1 Character Map

Mary Warren Works as a servant for John Proctor
John Proctor Married to Elizabeth Proctor, had an affair with Abigail Williams
Elizabeth Proctor Married to John Proctor, fired Abigail Williams 7 months ago
Abigail Williams Drank a charm in hopes of killing Elizabeth Proctor, had an affair with John Proctor, Betty Parris’ cousin, accuses Tituba
Betty Parris Abigail’s cousin
Tituba Accuses Sarah Good and Sarah Osburn
Reverand Parris Took in Abigail Williams after her parents were murdered, brought in Reverand Hale to disprove the presence of Witches in Salem, fight with Giles Cory about money
Reverand Hale Holds respect for Rebecca Nurse
Giles Cory Fights with Reverand Parris about money, fights with Thomas Putnam about land
Rebecca Nurse Ann Putnam is jealous of her prosperous family
Mercy Lewis Works as a servant for Thomas Putnam, slaps Ruth Putnam
Ruth Putnam Ann Putnam’s only surviving child, gets slapped by Mercy Lewis
Ann Putnam married to thomas putnam, mother of ruth putnam
Thomas Putnam Married to Ann Putnam, resents Reverand Parris, fights with Giles Cory about territory and land, married to ann putnam
Sarah Osburn served as a midwife three times to ann putnam
Sarah Good is accused by Tituba

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