The Crucible: Act 1

salem, Massachusetts, 1692 what is the setting of act 1
betty parris is sick why has reverend parris send for a doctor as the play begins
look to unnatural causes what advice does the doctor send back
what they were doing in the woods what does parris question his niece abigail about
his reputation what is parris’s main concern
someone naked, tituba dancing over the fire, and dancing what did parris see in the woods the previous night
elizabeth doesnt want to sit by abby because she is soiled what has elizabeth proctor said about abigail
they wanted her to work as a slave why does abigail say she was dismissed from the proctors
she’s flying what rumors have circulated the town about betty parris?
to fiind out who is responsible for killing her seven babies; she wanted there spirits why did mrs. putnam contact tituba
tituba who does abigail accuse of conjuring spirits at this point
abby drank blood to kill goody proctor what does betty parries reveal about what happened in the woods
she will stab them what threat does abigail make to the other girls
they had an affair. what happened in the past between john proctor and abigail
she is the voice of reason what is the function of rebecca nurse in the play
hates him; he hasn’t been to church in months because parris preaches about hell how does john proctor feel about reverend parris
the land and boundaries what is the dispute between john proctor and thomas putnam
reverend parris called him because he is an expert on witchcraft why is reverend hale in town
his wife is reading strange books so he can’t pray what does giles corey reveal to reverend hale
tituba, she was laughing during prayer when reverend hale questions abigail, whom does abigail blame? what proof does she offer
whipped to death or confess names what ultimate is tituba given
sarah good and sarah osbourne who does tituba accuse of being a witch
to escape punishment why do abigail and betty start accusing people at this point

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