The Crucible Act 1

Why is Reverend Parris praying at the beginning of the Act I? Might he have more than one reason? He was worried for his daughter. Worried that she may be a witch, and for his own reputation
What did Rev. Parris do before coming to Salem? He was a merchant from Barbados
Who is Tituba? Parris’ black slave from Barbados whois like a mother to betty.
What is the relationship between Abigail and Rev. Parris? Why does she live with him? She is his niece & wask kicked out of the proctors house, & is an orphan whose parents died.
What rumors are circulating in the village? That people are involved in witchcraft, Betty has fallen ill after the girls were found by Reverend Parris dancing in the woods. Abigail, betty, tituba, ruth
Describe what Rev. Parris encountered in the woods. Why would this be an especially upsetting sight for a Puritan minister? He found the girls dancing and believed they were conjuring up souls. He saw a dress and thought that he saw someone running naked. Dancing wasnt allowed, no fun was allowed.
What happened to Abigail seven months before Act I? She was fired from the Proctor household. She had an affair with John Proctor and was fired by Elizabeth Proctor (his wife)
What reason does Abigail give for being dismissed from the Proctor residence? She didn’t want to work like a slave and have her face blackened.
What similarity exists between Ruth Putnam and Betty Parris? What difference so the Putnams notice? Both girls have fallen ill and have attributed it to witchraft. They point out that Betty couldnt open her eyes, and ruth could
What tragedy occurred in Mrs. Putnam’s life? Seven of her children died before they were a day old. Ruth was the only survivor.
Why did Mrs. Putnam contact Tituba? She wanted to connect with the spirit of her children and find out why they died and see if Tituba can stop what is happening to Ruth.
In what way does Abigail’s behavior change when she is alone with the girls? What does this reveal about her character? She threatens their lives. she is very manipulative, sneaky. this reveals that to stick to the story that only dancing occurred and that they did not drink blood. She lies to her benefit.
In what way does Abigail’s behavior change when she is alone with Proctor? What do we learn about Abigail and Proctor in this scene? sweet & innocent, lovey dovey.
Who is Rebecca Nurse? What effect does her presence have on Betty? She is Francis Nurse’s wife, she is accused of witchcraft. Rebecca Nurse’s presence calms Betty.
How does Mrs. Putnam feel about Rebecca? Why? She feels that Rebecca is responsible for the deaths of her babies and that the deaths occurred by supernatural means. She is also jealous of the ammount of children/grandchildren rebecca has.
Who is Giles Corey? How does John Proctor seem to feel about Giles? Older man who get blamed for everything. he is alittle senile. Procter is tollerant of him, but for the reason that no one else does
Proctor is not a fan of Parris’s preaching. WHat reasons does he give for his dislike? Hell & greed. He does not like the Hell and Damnation approach that he accuses Parris uses for personal gain, such as firewood. He also says that all Parris talks about is Finances.
Explain the argument regarding Rev. Parris’s salary. What does Giles tell us about Putnam? There is an argument about who is responsible for Reverend Parris’s firewood. Parris insists that his contract includes firewood. complaining about not having firewood. he asked for the key to the house that he lived in which is out of the ordinary for the puritans
Explain the land dispute between Putnam and Proctor. What does Giles tell us about Putnam? Proctor harvests lumber from the tract that Putnam claims his grandfather left him. Proctor claims that he bought the land from Francis Nurse. Got firewood from his land, thats not your land its my fathers. Giles comes in and says that neither of your lands!
Who is Reverend Hale? For what reason is he called to Salem? minister, expert on witchcraft
What question does Giles Corey have for Reverend Hale? he asks if his wifes a witch, he was praying and she was reading. he couldnt pray untilshe closed the book and left the house. he is just gettting old andforgetting his prayers
Why does Abigail blame Tituba for the incident in the woods? What effecgt does the accusation have on Rev. Hale’s questioning of Abigail? she is a snitch & is trying to get attention off her and betty and put it on tituba
Why does Tituba confess to seeing the devil? What women does she claim to have seen with the devil? What effect do these accusations have on Rev. Hale’s questioning of Tituba? seeing the devil, Sarah Good and Goody Osburn with the devil EVERYONE STARTS TO POINT FINGERS.
Why does Abigail join Tituba in the calling of names? What effect does this have on the other girls in the room? she sees how it worked for tituba & get caugt up in the excitement
Act I ends with the following stage direction: “On their ecstatic cries.” What does this direction imply? trying to get out of getting in trouble ecstatic cries- blaming all these people. it becomes this hysterical
What is Miller’s full name? Arthur Asher Miller
Where was he born? Harlem, New York in 1915
when did he die? February 10, 2005
Where did Miller attend college? University of Michigan
What did he study? Journalism
name another play Miller wrote besides The Crucible. No Villian, All My Sons
Why was Miller brought before the House of Un-American Activities Committee? he along with a bunch of others were thought to be Communists

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