The Crucible Act 1

Who are Reverend Parris, Betty, and Abigail? What is their relationship? Betty is Parris’s daughter & Abigail is his niece. Parris is the minister in Salem.
Who is Tituba? What is her relationship to the family? Parris’s Negro slave from Barbados; loves the girls
What is wrong with Betty? She won’t wake up
Why does Parris suggest calling in Reverend Hale? to see if Hale’ experience with witch trials would show that there is no witchcraft
Who are Ann and Thomas Putnam? What do they suggest is Betty’s problem? What is their motivation for suggesting this? wealthy, suspicious of everyone; Betty was caught in the woods & was practicing witchcraft; Ann lost 8 babies
Who is Ruth? What is her relationship to the Putnams? What is wrong with her? How do the Putnams tie her problem to Betty’s? The Putnam’s daughter. She is sick. They believe she is conjuring spirits.
Who is Mercy Lewis? What is her relationship to the Putnams? She is a maid in the Putnam’s home.
What does the conversation between Abigail, Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren, and Betty reveal about their recent activities? They were in the forest dancing, Abigail drank blood, and Mercy Lewis was naked.
Who is John Proctor? What is his relationship to Mary Warren? What is his relationship to Abigail? How does he feel about his relationship with Abigail? A farmer. Mary is his servant. He had an affair with Abigail when she was a former servant to him. He does not want to continue his relationship because he cannot forgive himself.
Who is Elizabeth Proctor? What does Abigail think of her? How might this affect the outcome of the play? Wife of John Proctor. She thinks Abigail is a liar.
Who is Giles Corey? Why is he introduced into the play? John Proctor’s friend. He was an uncommitted victim in the witch trials.
Who is Rebecca Nurse? What is her role likely to be in the play? An old woman with 26 grandchildren. She knows a lot about kids.
Why is the issue of Parris’s salary raised? He wants more money and he isn’t honest.
What is the Putnams’ grievance over land? What significance might this have in the play? Putnam accuses Proctor of taking trees off his land. He wants all the land he can steal from people as possible.
What do the Puritans think of books other than the Bible? How do you learn about this in Act one? They believe they are unholy and those who read them had the devil in them and were called a witch.
How does Hale confuse Tituba? What is the significance of their conversation? He asks many questions which forces her to lie to save herself.
How and by whom are the other villagers accused of witchcraft? What is the motivation for the girls’ accusations? Other people shout names as accusations. The girls do not want themselves to get in trouble, so they blame others.

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