the crucible, a play by arthur miller

abigail williams paris’ neice. proctor maid. anger problems
john proctor farmer who had an affair with abigail
reverend john hale a minister who is an expert with witchcraft
elizabeth proctor john’s wife. is eventually accused as a witch
reverend samuel paris poorly respected minister of salem. cares too much about his rep
where does the story take place? what time? why is this important? salem massachusetts, 1692. this is important because it was during the salem with trials
external conflict of abigain williams elizabeth proctor. abigail always has problems with her
internal confict of john proctor he cheated on is wife
external confilct of the innocent accused the town of salem
why did arthur miller write the play in the 1950’s about hte salem witch trials? because he had written it in responce to McCarthyism. He was accused and told his story through an event that had already happened.
Who was the first person accused? Tituba
What motivated abigail williams to accuse others of witchcraft? whe was using them as a scapegoat
what is the secret of john proctor’s past? he had an affair with abigail
what is giles corey fate when accused of witchcraft? crushed to death
why are so many people accused of witchcraft in salem–what motives so many in the community to accuse others? for many reasons, to get land, money, used as scapegoats
allegory a figurative mode of representation conveying a meaning other than the literal
scapegoat someone who is punished for the error of others
red scare a period of general fear for the communists
McCarthy U.S. politician who unscrupuously accused many citizens of being communists
puritan a member of a particular protestant religious sect
witch hunt a search for witches and evidence of witchcraft

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