The Crucible

(a.) What is Betty’s condition when the play opens? (b) What does Abigail say she and Betty were doing in the forest? (c) Infer: What seems to be the main motivation for Reverend Parris’s concern about the girls’ behavior in the forest? Betty was lying in bed and she was known as a great child. Abigail said that they were dancing in the forest. The Reverend’s main motivation for the concern about the girls’ behavior in the forrest is that they are preforming witchcraft and have witchcraft inside them. He doesn’t want his daughter to have that issue.
(a) What do Abigail, Betty, Mercy, and Mary discuss after Reverend Parris leaves his daughter’s room? (b) Interpret: What events does this scene suggest may occur later in the play? All the girls discuss that they are going to hurt Betty just like they did to another girl. This scene shows that there are going to be very bad parts to the play and will show the true girls’ personalities.
(a) Who is Reverend Hale? (b) Why is he contacted? (c) Evaluate: Do you think he is being fair and impartial so far? Why or why not? Reverend Hale was one of the reverends from another town and he was contacted because he had an idea about how to get the “witchcraft” out of the girls. I think he is being far because I think he wants to get whatever is “wrong” with them, out of their bodies.
(a) Summarize: Summarize Abigail’s prior relationship with the Proctors. (b) Interpret: What does Betty’s revelation about Abigail’s actions in the forest suggest about Abigail’s feelings for Elizabeth Proctor? Abigail didn’t have a very good relationship with the Elizabeth Proctor but she used to work for them but had an affair with Mr. Proctor. The actions that Abigail shows is she doesn’t like Elizabeth Proctor at all and she doesn’t want Mr. Proctor with her because she loves him and doesn’t want him to love Elizabeth instead of her.
(a) Support: What evidence suggests that sharp divisions exist among the people of Salem Village? (b) Apply: Name two others who may be accused. Explain your choices. Everyone in Salem Village is against each other. I know this because how fast Abigail and Tituba are blaming other people that they barely know saying that they caused the witchcraft. I think that either one of the nasty girls will be blamed and Betty will as well.
In what year did the witchcraft hysteria sweep across Massachusetts? 1692
During this time, how many people were executed in Massachusetts? More than 20 people
What were some of the hardships that the colonists were facing? To whom did they attribute this misfortune? HaBad weather, sickness and death, devastating fires, droughts, and insect infestations that killed their crops
To what do historians attribute the accusations in Salem? They thought the reason was witchcraft because people were dancing in the forests
Describe Reverend Parris He was in his middle 40’s. He believed he was being persecuted wherever he went. He was a widower with no interest in children, or talent with them. He regarded them as young adults and he never conceived that the children were anything but thankful for being permitted to walk straight, eyes slightly lowered, arms at the sides, and mouths shut until bidden to speak.
What did a holiday week mean for the Puritans? It meant they must concentrate even more upon prayer.
What did the Puritans believe of the forest? Why did they think this? The Salem folk believed that the virgin forest was the Devil’s last preserve, his home base and the citadel of his final stand. They thought this because very few Indians converted.
How did the quest for greater individual freedom lead to the witch-hunt? It was a perverse manifestation of the panic which set in among all classes when the balance began to turn.
What opportunities did the witch-hunt offer the citizens of Salem? it made it possible for people to be patriotic and holy.

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