The Coming of Beowulf

Why is Beowulf going to Hrothgar? so he can battle and kill Grendel
Who is Healfdane’s son? Hrothgar
Where did Beowulf come from? the Greatland
How were the men that Beowulf brought with him described? the mightiest men
Who is Higlac? Beowulf’s uncle, he’s King of the Geats
How did the Geats feel about Beowulf? they belittled and doubted him
Who was Edgetho? Beowulf’ss father
What is a mead hall? Where they drink beer and hangout
How did the battle start? Grendel was coming to eat like every other night, and Beowulf was waiting and prepared.
How did Beowulf approach Grendel? As Grendel broke into Herot, Beowulf approached him fighting and thats when Grendel realized he is blessed by God.

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