Test Review (Antigone)

According to Aristotle, how are plot events related in a tragedy? through cause-and-effect relationships
In scene 1, Creon suspects __________ motivated the person who buried Polyneices. money
In the Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles, which event(s) reveals Creon’s tragic downfall? the deaths of Eurydice and Haemon
Aristotle is credited with __________. Defining tragedy and its elements
According to the parados, the ancient Greeks valued __________ in their culture. humility
At which stage of the plot structure do conflicts build in intensity and complication? rising action
The rhetorical appeal of logos relies on __________. The logic and reasoning
What is the biggest obstacle that Antigone must overcome to achieve her goal? Creon’s decree
Which character in Antigone by Sophocles is both a stock and static character? Tiresias
CREON:But you should know the most obdurate willsare those most prone to break. The strongest irontempered in the fire to make it really hard—that’s the kind you see most often shatter.Explain how the figurative language in the passage reveals Creon’s tone. Creon’s tone is confident. He compares Antigone’s strong will to that of “iron tempered in the fire.” He believes that it is just a matter of time before her will breaks or he breaks it for her.
ANTIGONE:Look at me, my native citizens,as I go on my final journey,as I gaze upon the sunlight one last time,which I’ll never see again—for Hades,who brings all people to their final sleep,leads me on, while I’m still living,down to the shores of Acheron.Explain what this passage reveals about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks believed in an afterlife. They believed that the god Hades was responsible for the dead. The dead went deep into the earth for “their final sleep.”
Which event resolves the conflict between Antigone and Creon? Antigone’s death
Which character experiences anagnorisis? Creon
Based on your understanding of Creon’s character, make a prediction about the action he will take if Antigone is arrested for burying her brother Because he’s a proud and harsh king, Creon will most likely punish Antigone for breaking the law that forbade her from burying her brother. However, because Creon values his family’s royal blood line, I predict that she will not be put to death. Instead, she will be imprisoned.
According to Aristotle, what is the cause of the tragic hero or heroine’s suffering Hamartia

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