Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture

div division/divided instruments split play harmony
unis unison,play same time
pizz pizzacato,plucked strings,cello or double bass
arco play with wood of bow
marc marcato,marked play or firm accented
con sord sordino-mute
senza sord without mute
transposing instruments that are played differently to how they sound..notice key signature different
andante walking pace
poco pluf little stronger
dolce sweet
mf moderately loud mezzo forte
ppp very soft
stringendo gradually faster
accelerando getting faster
allegro lively
meno mosso less movement
dim gradually softer
sempre ff always
non tanto not too much
con sord dolce sweet
p soft
form sonata
andante non tanto quasi moderato at a walking pace, not too much semi-moderatly
poco a poco stringendo accelerando little by little getting faster and louder
allegro giusto fast and steady
moderato assai extremely moderate
transposing instruments clarinet in A,cor anglais ,double bass,horn in f,piccolo,trumphet in E
clarinet in e sounds a minor third lower than written
cor anglais sounds a perfect fifth lower than written
double bass sounds an octave lower than written
horn in f sounds a perfect fifth lower than written
piccolo sounds an octave higher than written
trumphet in e sounds a major third higher than written
a2 two instruments play the same line of music
espress expressively
senza sordini without mute

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