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Things Fall Apart Flashcards

African Words for Things Fall Apart

Agadi-nwayi old woman agbala woman, man with no title chi personal god efulefu worthless man eqwugwu a masquerader who impersonates one of the ancestral spirits of its village. ekwe a musical instrument, a type of drum made from wood eneke-nti-oba…

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Things Fall Apart Terms

Cowries Shells used as currency Egwugwu “Ancestral spirits” that troll in masks to hide their true identities. They rule over trials and play major roles in numerous ceremonies Kola nut An food item typically broken to start a feast or…

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Things Fall Apart – Test Review

Agbala Women; also used of a man who has taken no title Akunna Great man in village – son was taught in Mr. Brown’s school Ani earth goddess – Feast of New Yams Chielo The Priestess of Agbala “The Oracle…

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Things Fall Apart: Chapter 17

Do the missionaries intend on leaving? No What do the missionaries ask the Mbanta rulers for? Land to build a church What land is given to the missionaries?Explain the significance. Uchendu agrees, but gives them a section of the Evil…

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Things Fall Apart-Character Descriptions

Okonkwo Protagonist, well respected man in Umuofia, 3 wives, 2 barns full of yams, banished after he accidentally kills Ogbuefi Ezeudu’s son, hangs himself and he kills messenger, “Roaring Flame”, Unoka Okonkwo’s lazy, gentle, and idle father, debtor, good flute…

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