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Things Fall Apart Flashcards

Things Fall Apart Questions

What are Okonkwo’s main characteristics as he is depicted in the first few chapters? Okonkwo’ is a strong man, of honor, valor and dignity. He is a very productive farmer. Well known throughout the nine villages due to his personal…

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Things Fall Apart Chapter 9

What was Okonkwo’s child story about a mosquito and the ear? Mosquito asked ear to marry him and ear laughed at the proposition. And mosquito was humiliated Who woke up Okonkwo in the middle of the night and why? Ekwefi…

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Things Fall Apart Quotes Chap 1-13

Chapter 1″Okonkwo was clearly cut out for great things. He was still young but he had won the fame of the greatest wrestler in the nine villages.”Who is saying it (if applicable).Who they are speaking to (if applicable).What it literally…

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African Words for Things Fall Apart

Agadi-nwayi old woman agbala woman, man with no title chi personal god efulefu worthless man eqwugwu a masquerader who impersonates one of the ancestral spirits of its village. ekwe a musical instrument, a type of drum made from wood eneke-nti-oba…

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Things Fall Apart Terms

Cowries Shells used as currency Egwugwu “Ancestral spirits” that troll in masks to hide their true identities. They rule over trials and play major roles in numerous ceremonies Kola nut An food item typically broken to start a feast or…

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