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Lord of the Flies Flashcards

Lord of the Flies end of the book

Who attributes Simon’s death as an accident? Piggy Who says that they are murderers Ralph Who suggests they start a meeting Piggy suggests it Who is left in Ralph’s group? Piggy, Ralph, Sam and Eric. Handful of the littluns Where…

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Lord of the Flies quotes

Piggy “I don’t care what they call me, so long as they don’t call what they used to call me at school” Ralph ” I could swim when I was five. Daddy taught me. He’s a commander in the Navy”…

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Lord of the flies chapter 11

What does piggy suggest they can do with their hair? Comb and tie it back What is Ralphs response to this? That they’d look like girls What does Ralph do once at the entrance of the castle rock? Blow the…

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Lord of the Flies Chapter 2 Vocab

festooned to decorate with garlands Smart be the source of pain induced brought about or caused hindering slowing down someone’s or something’s progress conspiratorial joining or acting together, especially to carry out some secret or evil deed or for a…

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LOTF Chapter 6

What falls onto the island during the night? 1. A dead pilot parachutes onto the island at night. 2. Who is tending the fire when the “beast” is discovered? 2. Sam and Eric are tending the fire. 3. What makes…

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Lord of the Flies – Chapter 7

What does Ralph long for? a bath. What distracts the boys from the search for the Beast? “Castle Rock” What does Ralph daydream about? About going home to a nice warm, clean bed, with books to read. When the boar…

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