Symbolism in General and Symbolism in Fahrenheit 451 – English Final

What is symbolism? Anything that stands for something other than its literal meaning
Example of symbolism – the Heart. What does it mean literally and figuratively? Literally – an organ in the bodyFiguratively – Shows love and romance
What are symbolic archetypes? They represent a specific person, act, deed, place, or conflict.
What can archetypes do to the reader? When symbols are used effectively, they can evoke strong associations to the reader.
Symbolic Archetype – Light vs. Darkness; what do they mean? Light suggests goodness, enlightenment, and renewal. Darkness implies bad things, such as mysteriousness and ignorance.
Symbolic Archetype – Water vs. Desert; what do they mean? Water appears as a symbol of life and birth, the desert represents a loss of hope or life, and shows despair.
What does the sun symbolize? Happiness, joy, hope
What does a rainstorm symbolize? Depression, sadness, fear
What does fire symbolize in Fahrenheit 451? Symbolizes destruction, because of the firemen who burn the houses that contain books. Two, fire also symbolizes purity, because the firemen think that fire is cleansing and purifies society.
What does the Mechanical Hound symbolize? It represents the brutalness about the government of the future. It represents how the government manipulates technology and control of society because of their fear of destruction.
What do eyes symbolize in Fahrenheit 451? In the book, Montag is able to see himself in Clarisse’s eyes; this is very important because because Clarisse challenges him to analyze his existence and the world he lives in.
What do the seashells represent in Fahrenheit 451? They represent one’s getaway and drowning from society, and to blur out anything that causes her not only mental but physical pain.
What do books symbolize in Fahrenheit 451? They symbolize freedom of thoughts and free will. Along with this, they symbolize knowledge. In this book, these two things can destroy the controlled society.
What does the “Hearth and the Salamander” represent in Fahrenheit 451? The Hearth is traditionally a symbol of a home; the salamander is one of the symbols for the firemen, and it is also the name given to their fire trucks. These two symbols represent Montag’s life and being the center of society. The hearth because it the fire and the heat, and the salamander because it is unaffected by fire and flames
What does the “Sieve and the Sand” symbolize in Fahrenheit 451? The sand is the symbol of the information, and the sieve is Montag’s brain. It shows how Montag can’t keep the information he gets from the book
What does Denham’s Dental Dentifrice symbolize in Fahrenheit 451? The jingle of Denham’s Dental Dentifrice represents a distraction.

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