Sumner IBH4 – Hamlet: Jonathan and Chandler

What does ‘wanton’ mean? (VOCAB) Wanton means rebellious.
What is the closest practice of the word ‘drabbling’? (VOCAB) The word ‘drabbling’ in the Shakespearean Era meant ‘dealing with prostitutes’.
In Act 2, Scene 2, the term pregnant had a different meaning then than it does now. Does it mean:A. Full of meaningB. Full of hatredC. Full of foodD. Full of one’s emotions(VOCAB) The correct answer is A. Full of meaning.
“Then is doomsday near.” Who says this quote in Scene 2? (Quotes) Hamlet says this, and this could foreshadow bloodshed in the following act.
“Denmark’s a prison.” How does’ Hamlet’s quote reinforce his thoughts? (Quotes) This reinforces the fact that his mother and “father” have forced him to stay in Denmark. Practically, this is a metaphor to his situation.
Who is this quote referring to in terms of who is the message sender? “No my good lord, but as you did command I did repel his letters and denied his access to me.” (Quotes) The sender is Hamlet and the receiver is Ophelia. Ironically, although Ophelia is the receiver, she’s restricted much communication with Hamlet.
Polonius’ last quote in Act 2, Scene 1 can characterize him how?(Characterization) There’s a reason that Polonius is the King’s advisor. Although the reader might hate him because he’s in league with the King, there’s not denying he’s a wise man.
How does the King and Queen’s employment of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern show what king of people they are? (Characterization) It could be inferred that the King and Queen are unsure as to their own “child” since they’re using Hamlet’s friends against him.
Guildenstern’s acknowledgment of the King and Queen’s authority say what about him? (Characterization) It could go as to say that he recognizes power, however does not really possess any loyalty towards his “friends.”
How does Shakespeare’s use of archaic words and terminology influence the reader’s thoughts and understanding? (Literary Device) Although Shakespeare uses old, uncommon words, the meaning of many of these words have many correlations to what they mean today. Of course, the understanding of the text also changes, so this could cause problems.
How does the King describe Polonius? “As a man of ___ and ____. ” (Literary Device) The first word is faithful and the second is honorable. This comparison of Polonius to a man of faithfulness and honor.
The storytelling of the players can be an example of what? (Literary Device) These can be allusions to histories stories. This could also be a motif of reference to history.
How does the employment of Rosenburtz and Guildenstern affect Hamlet? (Plot Development) Hamlet is wary of what he says, knowing that he’s probably been the talk of the town.
Do the letters from Hamlet influence affect what is going to be done with Hamlet? (Plot Development) The effect of his letters are that he’s having to face the opposition of his “parents” and close ones.
Hamlet’s final scene in Act 2, Scene 2 move the plot forward how so? (Plot Development) This final scene by Hamlet indicate that Hamlet is full of emotions, mostly sadness and anger. This only furthers his agenda to seek revenge.

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