Stugy Guide for Romeo and Juliet Act I-II Unit Test

what are some of the sources of information left to us regarding Shakespear’s personal life? 1.baptismal registration2.a marriage license3. records of real estate transactions
when and where was Shakespear born? April 23, 1564 in Stratford
At what age did Shakespear get married? 18
who did shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway
how many children did shakespeare and anne have? 3
what was the name of shakespeare’s acting company? Lord Chamberlain’s Men
when was romeo and juliet written? between 1594 and 1596
when did shakespeare pass away? April 23, 1616
where is shakespeare buried? under the stone in the chancel of Holy Trinity Church
who built the first permanent theater in england? james burbage
what was the first permanent theater in england named? theatre
what was the name of the theater that shakespeare built? globe theater
what was the nickname for shakespears theater? Wooden O
how were the trap doors used? for the entrances and exits of ghosts and for descents into hell
what was a person called who stood to watch a play? groundlings
what was his/her admission price? price of a peny
who played the women’s parts in plays during this time? boys
what was flown at the top of the theater to let people know a play would be performed that day? flag
play that depicts serious and important events in which the main character comes to an unhappy end tragedy
a great or virtuous chracter in a dramatic tragedy who is destined for dow fall, suffering, or defeat tragic hero
the character defeat that causes the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy; hamartia tragic flaw
in general, a story that ends happily comedy
long speech in which a character who is onstage alone expresses his or her thoughts allowed soliloquy
words that are spoken by a chracter in a play to the audience or to another character but that are not supposed to be overheard by the others onstage aside
moment of great emotional intensity or suspense in a plot climax
a point at which a decisive change takes place; critical point; crisis turning point, or crisi
a related series of incidents ina literary plot that build toward that point of greatest interest rising action
the part of a literary plot that occurs after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved falling action
what does the prologue say ends the rage between two families of Verona? the prologue says that the lovers’ death ends the family feud
who is tybalt? what does he do that is dangerous? tybalt is the nephew of Lady Capulet. He hates the Montagues and starts a fight with Bevolio
what warning does Prince Escalus give the street brawlers in scene I? the prince warns the fighters that they will be killed if they disturb the peace again
in scence 4, how does mercutio try to snap romeo out of his depression? mercutio encourages romeo to dance, to treat love roughy, and to pay no attention to dreams
where do romeo and juliet first meet? Capulet party
Before Romeo and Juliet meet in Scene 4, Shakespeare must set up some obstacles to their love, so that when they do meet, we will groan at the problems they are going to face. What problem, or complication, is presented in scence 2 and 3? in scene 2, lord capulet apporves of paris as a suitor for juliet, and while he says he will not force her to marry pairs, he makes it clear that he determines her choices. (II. 18-19). In scence 3, the cmplication deepens because juliet wantes to be obedience and she pledges not to let her emotions rule her
mercutio is used as a character foil to romeo. in drama a character foil is a character who sets off another character by strong contrast. in what way is mercutio a foil to romeo? whereas romeo focuses on his inner life and emotions, mercutio focuses on his appearance and his “performances” for others; romeo expects to be a bystander at the party, while mercutio has a reputation for being the life of a party; romeo is moody and admits to feelings hopeless, while mercutio displays confidence
how do romeo and juliet reactions in scene 5 when they learn each other’s identity, foreshadow, or give clues to, their tragic end? romeo says, “my life is my foe’s debt,” and juliet says “too early seen unknown, and known too late!” both characters recognize their doom
list three examples of scences from act I that show comic elements? gregory and sampson in their skittish encounter with abram (scene I); the nurse’s recollection of an event juliet’s youth (scene 3); Lord Capulet’s greetings of the guests (scene 5)
which conflicts in act I could you imagine taking place today? what details would have to change, if any? conflicts that might take place today include the street fighting, mercutio’s sharp teasing with romeo, and the hot exchange between lord capulet and tybalt. however, amny details–languages, dress, and marriage customs–would be different
what plans do romeo and juliet make in scene 2? juliet will send a messenger to romeo to find out the time and place for their wedding
what fault does friar laurence find in romeo in scene 3? he finds romeo too quick to fall in and out of love
we hear in scene 4 that tybalt is looking for romeo. why does he want romeo? tybalt wants to challenge him to a duel
how does mercutio feel about tybalt? mercutio dislikes tybalt and, although he ridicules his fencing style, considers him dangerous
what part does the nurse play in romeo and juliet’s schemes? she is a messenger for them
whom is juliet talking to in his aside in scene 2, line 37? why is the aside effective juliet is speaking either to herself or to the audience. the aside is effective because she hears romeo, but does not know that she is listening
do you think the nurse is a principled character, a person with a strong sense of right and wrong? or does she seem to be easily corrupted, someone who will do whatever people want her to do? the nurse is principled in her loyalty to juliet. she tries to protect juliet (scene 4,II 155-160)
the friar agrees to marry romeo and juliet because he wants them to be happy, but he also has another motive. what is that motive? what does it reveal about his character? he wants to help end the feud between the two families. this motive shows that the friar truly cares about the well-being of the two families
romeo’s and juliet’s families hate each other, for reason’s we aren’t told about. (the families themselves may have forgotten.) do you find the young lovers’ situation believable? can you think of any parallels today, and can you think of any reallife romeos and juliets? their situation is believable. real life romeos and juliets may include young people from different religious, ethnic, or socioconomic backgrounds.

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