Sophomore Literature: Macbeth Act IV Apparition Chart

First Apparition An armed head
Second Apparition A bloody child
Third Apparition A child crowned, with a tree in his hand
Description of First Apparition A leader of an army; a fighting force
Description of Second Apparition A young child covered in blood
Description of Third Apparition A young king, holding a branch in his hand
Prediction/ Foreshadowing First Apparition (bloody child) – Warns Macbeth to watch out for Macduff – Foreshadowing conflict between Macbeth and Macduff
Prediction/ Foreshadowing Second Apparition (an armed head) – No one that is naturally born of a women, can harm Macbeth
Prediction/ Foreshadowing Third Apparition (a child crowned, with a tree in his hand) When the forest of Burnam un roots itself, walks up the hill, that is when Macbeth will loose his throne
Macbeth’s Reaction First Apparition (an armed head) Macbeth says thank you, this prediction confirmed his fears
Macbeth’s Reaction Second Apparition (bloody child) Macbeth is thinking he doesn’t have to be afraid of Macduff, but is still going to kill Macduff
Macbeth’s Reaction Third Apparition ( a crowned child, with a tree in his hand) Macbeth is in dis belief, wants to know more about Banquo’s sons
Vision A line of 8 kings, the last with a glass in his hand; ghost of Banquo following
Description A line of 8 kings, which are Banquo’s sons; descendants. The last one is holding a mirror. Inside that mirror theirs an infinite number of Banquo’s descendants that shall rain.
Meaning Confirms that the prophecy found from the witches will come true
Macbeth’s Response Macbeth is unsatisfied, angry, upset that he gets no legacy
Vice #1 Malcolm has a desire for all women; the no pants dance, Macduff’s Response: He says don’t worry, they have plenty of ladies in Scottland
Vice #2 Malcolm wants money, Macduff’s Response: He says it is not a problem, they have enough money, it is worst then the first vice, but he’ll deal
Vice # 3 Malcolm has no desire to be good, he just wants straight anarchy, he has no redeeming quality’s. Macduff’s Response: would rather have him die, he does not want Malcolm to rule as king, and says that Malcolm is nothing like his parents what so ever.
Truth of the 3 Vices #1 Malcolm is a virgin#2 He has never had desire for cash # 3 He doesn’t want to see the world explode

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