Short Answer Study Guide Questions: Fahrenheit 451

Who is Guy Montag and what is his job? A 30 yr old fireman who starts fires to burn books instead of putting them out.
Describe Clarisse McClellan Clarisse comes off as angelic and curious. She has a certain liveliness to herself.
What smelled like perfume to Montag? kerosene
Clarisse asked Montag if he was happy. Was he? Montag doesn’t really know what it means to be happy, and later he admitted to himself that he wasn’t.
Who is Mildred, and what happened to her? Mildred is Montag’s wife. She overdosed on sleeping pills.
Why did Emergency Hospital send technicians instead of doctors to treat Mildred? They used machines to treat her and they aren’t hard to work.
What are parlor walls? Parlor walls are walls with TV’s on them.
Describe the mechanical hound. The mechanical hound is like a robotic dog that is programmed to do what the programmers want
What did Montag believe had been done to the hound? Montag believed that the hound had been programmed to recognize certain people and it didn’t like him.
Why was Clarisse considered anti-social? She feels that she can’t talk at school because she doesn’t agree with what they do.
Who gave Clarisse most of her information about the way life used to be? Her uncle.
Who was Captain Beatty? Montag’s boss, the chief of the firehouse.
How did the firemen know which houses had books? The neighbors told the firehouse if someone had books
What lie did Captain Beatty tell Montag? Firemen never used to prevent fires
What did Montag do in the old lady’s attic? He took one of the books
Why were the alarms to burn always at night? Everyone can see the fires at night, they create a spectacle and fear factor.
Why did the old woman light the match and commit suicide? To prove a point and show that life isn’t worth living without knowledge. (Knowledge is Power)
What happened to Clarisse? Was it an accident? She was ran over by a car, no it wasn’t an accident.
What was Montag afraid that Captain Beatty would discover when he came to visit? The book he stole from the attic
Why did Captain Beatty think that books should be destroyed? They cause people to be unhappy and present bad ideas
What did Montag show Mildred after the Captain left the house? That he had a whole collection of books in the house.
Who was Faber? An old, retired man who used to teach English before books were banned
Why did Montag go to see Faber? He wanted to see someone who would help him understand books
What three elements did Faber feel were missing from life? Quality of information, leisure time to digest it, and the right to carry out actions based on what you read
What plan did Montag and Faber devise? They decided to plant books inside different firehouses to get them burnt
What was Montag willing to do to convince Faber to help carry out the plan? He was willing to tear up the Bible
What had Faber designed that allowed him to be in constant contact with Montag? He designed a “drone” (an earpiece)
Why did Faber decide to go to St. Louis? He wanted to get the help of a printer person.
Why did Montag burn the book of poetry in the wall incinerator in his home? He made the mistake of showing Mildred and her friends the book, so he tried to play it off and destroy the book.
Where did Montag hide the books after the ladies left? In a bush in the backyard
What was the destination of the alarm on the night Montag returned to work at the firehouse? HIS house
Who was the informant on Montag’s home? Mildred and her friends
Why did Montag kill Captain Beatty? He took Montag’s earpiece and threatened to track down Faber
Why didn’t Montag run away before he killed Beatty? The hound was roaming the neighborhood
Where did Montag go after he killed Beatty? First to his backyard to check for books, then to Faber’s house.
When Montag left Faber’s house, which direction did he go? Towards the river
Why did Montag take whiskey, a suitcase, and some of Faber’s dirty clothes with him? To throw the hound off of his scent.
What did the railroad tracks mean to Montag? They were his path to the countryside
What was different about the fire Montag saw after leaving the river? It was giving warmth instead of burning
During the manhunt for Montag by the hound, why did the camera identify an innocent man as Montag? They needed a neat ending
What was different about the hobos Montag met? Why did each man identify himself as a famous author or piece of literature? They’re intellectual and each memorized a certain piece of literature
What had Montag been able to memorize? The Book of Ecclesiastes
What happened to the city during the war? The city and its inhabitants were destroyed
What did Montag and the intellectuals believe their mission to be once the war ended? To learn from their mistakes and to remember

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