Shax Final: Tempest, Hamlet, Troilus and Cressida

True or false: the play begins with a prologue True
Where is the play set? Greek camp of Troy
What major conflict is on-going as the play opens? Troy price stole Greek kings wife
What does Troilus want Pandarus to do for him? He wants him to get Cressida to marry him
T or F: Thersites has something nice to say about everyone. False
Nestor and Ulysses (with Agamemnon and Diomedes) join to flatter what Greek warrior, in the hope that their flattery will make Achilles jealous. Ajax
To whom does Cressida pledge her love in Act 3, before betraying him later? Troilus
Who facilitates Cressida’s meeting with her lover in Act 3 Panderous
What Greek is given responsibility for collecting Cressida from the Trojans and bringing her to the Greek camp? Diomedes
Who insists that all the Greek commanding officers kiss Cressida when she enters the camp? Ulysses
What is the outcome of the one-on-one fight between Ajax and Hector? They call it a tie because they are related
How does Hector die? Achilles stabs him to death in his tent
Cressida seems to switch her romantic loyalties from Troilus to what person? Diomedes
T or F: Pandarus gets the last word in the play True
At the start of Hamlet, guards believe that see the ghost of whom? Hamlet’s father
At the start of Hamlet, Hamlet is mourning the death of whom? His father
At the start of Hamlet, Hamlet is dismayed not only but the death of that person, but also by what action another family member undertook shortly after that death? His uncle and mom were together
What does the ghost want Hamlet to do? take revenge
What does Claudius tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do for him? cheer hamlet up
When the players visit the castle, Hamlet asks one of them to perform a famous speech for him; the speech involves the death of a king at the end of an ancient war. Name any one of the following for full credit, or both for a bonus point: (a) the king who is killed, or (b) the queen distraught at his death. HINT: this speech is entirely different from the play—in question 3 below—that Hamlet asks the players to perform. Hamlet and Gertrude
What is the name of the play Hamlet asks the players to perform at the castle? The Murder of Gonzago
True or False: Hamlet is very polite and kind to Ophelia before and during the performance True
After the play is performed, Hamlet is summoned to visit whom? Mom
while visiting this person, hamlet accidentally kills someone. who does he kill polonius
how does hamlet kill this person? he stabs him through the closet with his sword
who tells laertes of ophelia’s death gertrude
how does ophelia die drowned in the river
with whom does laertes plot his revenge on hamlet cladius
t or f: cladius tries to have hamlet executed in england true
t or f: hamlet travels with pirates true
t or f: hamlet writes a letter to horatio; claudius? laertes? true; false; false
hamlet runs into the captain in the army of what norwegian prince? fortinbras
how does laertes die stabbed with a poisoned sword
how does hamlet die stabbed with poisoned sword
how does claudius stabbed and poisoned with wine
how does gertrude die poison
name one character who is not dead at the end of the play horatio
what relation is prospero to miranda father
what relation is prospero to antonio bro
name any three people on the ship caught in the tempest antonio, sebastian, gonzalo
prospero is the deposed duke of what city milan
name the two non-human being who lived on the island before prospero arrived and now are servants to him ariel, caliban
with whom does caliban plot to overthrow prospero? stephano and triculo
t or f: when he washed up on the island, ferdinand believes his father is alive false
t or f: ferdinand hears ariel’s song ad music, but doesn’t know where it’s coming false
t or f: characters other than ferdinand, prospero, miranda, and caliban also hear ariel true
name one mythical/celestial being involved in the masque prospero arranges for ferdinand and miranda juno
t or f: prospero gives ferdinand his blessing to marry miranda true
prospero breaks up the masque because he remembers what activity, mounted by what other characters caliban’s plot against prospero, trinculo, and stephano are involved
prospero sends whom to bring other characters to him? ariel
name one person sill alive at the end of the play trinculo
name one person who is going to leave the island at the end of the play antonio
t or f: miranda and ferdinand play chess true
t or f: prospero never frees ariel from service to him true
who gets the last words of the play prospero

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