Shakespeare, West Side Story, and Romeo and Juliet Test

1968 Romeo and Juliet was directed by _________________. Franco Zeffirelli
Who played Juliet in 1968 Romeo and Juliet? Olivia Hussey
Played Romeo in 1968 Romeo and Juliet? Leonard Whiting
John McEnery played _______ in 1968 Romeo and Juliet Mercutio
_____________ played Tybalt in the 1968 Romeo and Juliet Michael York
Who directed the 1996 Romeo and Juliet movie? Baz Luhrmann
Who played Juliet in the 1996 Romeo and Juliet? Claire Danes
_________________ played Romeo in the 1996 Romeo and Juliet. Leonardo DiCaprio
Harold Perrineau played who in 1996 Romeo and Juliet? Mercutio
Played Tybalt in 1996 Romeo and Juliet. John Leguizamo
The War of the Roses: House of York vs. House of Lancaster; William Caxton: brought printing press to England. What year was this all from? 1485
Fabric over male genitals in medieval days Codpiece
Finis origine pendant: the end depends on the beginning Dante
Queen during Shakespeare’s day Queen Elizabeth I
Shakespeare performed at this theater, which was moved across some River. The Globe Theater
Original theater’s name. The Theatre
Who was the prince in Romeo and Juliet? Prince Escalus
Who was Juliet betrothed to or whatever? Count Paris
If Juliet got married to Count Dracula what would that make her? A countess
What day was Juliet originally gonna get married on? What day was she going to marry Paris on then? Thursday; Wednesday
Who gives Juliet a sleeping potion to take the night before her wedding? Friar Lawrence
Where was Romeo banished to? Mantua
The other friar guy can’t send word to Romeo in Mantua because why? Quarantined
Who was the other friar in Romeo and Juliet? Friar John
Who said “Then I defy you, stars.”? Romeo
Who killed Mercutio? Tybalt
__________ killed Tybalt. Romeo
What relationship was Tybalt to Juliet and Benvolio to Romeo? Cousins
Romeo and Mercutio are in what kind of relationship? Best friends
Who directed West Side Story? Robert Wise
Who was the other director for West Side Story? Jerome Robbins
Who played Maria in West Side Story? Natalie Wood
Richard Beymer played ______ in West Side Story. Tony
___________________ played Riff in West Side Story. Russ Tamblyn
Rita Moreno played who in West Side Story? Anita
Who played Bernardo in West Side Story? George Chakiris
Who played Lieut. Schrank? Simon Oakland
Ned Glass played who in West Side Story? Doc
Who played Officer Krupke? William Bramley
Who directed the music in West Side Story? Leonard Bernstein
Who was Maria supposed to get married to? Chino
Where did Tony and Maria first meet? At a dance at the gym
What is the white racist gang in West Side Story called? The Jets
What is the Puerto Rican gang in West Side Story called? The Sharks
What did Anita tell the Jets at the candy shop when they didn’t listen to her and tried raping her? Chino killed Maria
Who killed Riff? Bernardo
______ killed Bernardo. Tony
Who was that one girl in the Jets no one accepted until the end? Anybody’s
Who was Riff’s girlfriend? Graziella
Who was the other Jet girl Graziella was annoyingly friends with? Velma
This song was mainly about how the Jets came from the roughest families, and that’s why they are who they are. Gee, Officer Krupke
What song was about how much the Puerto Rican girls loved America, and the Puerto Rican boys pointed out the reasons not to like America? America
The song where the Jets did a bunch of en tournants and a lot of rond de jambes and snapping their fingers and talking about how they’re gonna beat the Sharks. Jet Song
Mary Arden married John Shakespeare in _______, and had two daughters that died before William was born, and had five children after William. 1577
This dash is used for punctuation. Em dash
This dash is used to separate words. En dash
Where did Maria and Anita work? Dress shop

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