Shakespeare Exam: Twelfth Night

What is an alternative title for the play? What you will
What is the significance of the alternative title? In Elizabethan time, “will” could mean wish or inclination, or it could also mean an irrational desire uncontrolled by judgement
What is the significance of the title Twelfth Night Shakespeare was probably referring to the Christmas Twelfth night, or Epiphany. it was a time of madness and celebration
What response does Orsino get when he questions Valentine about Olivia? Valentine says she is mourning her dead brother. She will walk veiled like a nun for 7 years
Who governs Illyria? Duke of Orsino
What news of Ophelia does the Captain relate to Viola? She is a “virtuous maid,” who after the deaths of her father and brother, has scorned the thought of seeing men
What idea does Viola propose? that she dress like a boy and enter into the service of the Duke
Who is Olivia;s uncle? Sir Toby Belch
Who did Sir Thomas once bring as a wooer to Olivia, and what was he like? Sir Andrew Aguecheek: tall, gets 3,000 ducats a year, multilingual.
What does Maria think of Andrew Auguecheek? Maria insists he is a fool, is prodigal, a coward and a drunk
What perception does the audience have of Sir Andrew after his first appearence? he is a fool, and he thinks that the Taurus is related to the sides of the heart
What name does Viola go by when she is dressed as a man? Cesario
What does the Duke tell Violet/Cesario to do if she sees Olivia? to “unfold the passion of my love”
How does the duke try to convince Viola to go see Olivia, and why is this ironic? He says that Cesario (Viola) is so young she is like a woman, which of course the audience knows to be true because she is a woman.
Who is Feste and what is his role? he is the court jester, who is actually intellectual. His private life is hidden
How does Feste prove Olivia a fool? He asks why she is in mourning, and when she insists that it is for her dead brother in heaven, he says she should not mourn because he is in heaven
What does Olivia say when she hears a man is at the door? tell him she is sick or not at home
What does Feste say of a drunken man? that he is a fool and a madman, the 1st drink heats him, the 2nd drink mads him, the 3rd drowns him
What news does Malvolio return to Olivia? That a man outside wishes to speak with her and he cannot be tricked into thinking she is not there.
What is the description given of Cesrario by Malvolio? he is of “ill manner” and describes that he is between the ages of boy and man and speaks shrewdly
What is Olivia’s reaction toward Viola? She is annoyed with her and tells her, “if you be not mad, be gone. if you have reason, be brief”
How does Viola characterize the message she brings to Olivia She says it is as if she holds “the olive in my hand, her words are those of peace
What does Viola respond when asked where her text is? “In orsino’s bosom”
Why does Viola wish Olivia to reveal her face? So that she can comment on its beauty and tell Olivia how cruel if would be not to have children when she is so beautiful
How does Viola say the duke loves Olivia? “with adorations, fertile tears, with groans that thunder love, with sighs of fire”
What does Sebastion believe happened to his twin? he thinks she drowned
What is olivia afraid of when Malvolio brings her a ring that Olivia wanted returned to her? she is afriad Olivia might be in love with her, which, if so, she says “she were better love a dream” because viola is not a man”
Who makes a reference to the twelfth day of December? Sir Thomas, in a song
Who really wrote the letter that Malvolio finds, which appears to be in Olivia’s hand? Maria
What initials are given in the letter of the man whom Olivia seems to love? M.O.A.I.
In their meeting. what confession does Olivia make to Viola? “I love thee so…nor wit nor reason can my passion hide”
What changes are perceptible in Malvolio after he reads the letter he believes Olivia wrote? he wears yellow stockings, smiles with more lines on his face from trying to smile
What does Olivia think of Malvolio’s strange behavior? She says, “Why, this is very midsummer madness”
What does Olivia give to Viola? a locket with her picture in it
Who is arrested? Antonio
Who does Antonio think Viola is, and what does he say about this person? he thinks she is sebastian, and he says that he resuced him and brought him back to health with a great amount of love
What does Viola think about the fact that she was mistaken for her brother? she hopes he was right that her brother is alive
In the following scene, who mistakes Sebastian for Cesario? Feste
What is sebastian’s response when Olivia tells him to come with her? at first he thinks he is dreaming, but then he goes with her
During his conversation with Feste, what does Malvolio repeatedly call him? a fool
How does the duke know Antonio? he took his ship and the cargo on board which was returning from Crete, he boarded the Tiger when Antonio’s nephew Titus lost his leg
What reactions do the Duke and Antonio have to seeing Sebastian and Viola side by side? “one face, one voice, one habit, and 2 persons…””An apple, cleft in 2, is not more twain than these 2 creatures”
When did Viola’s father die? when she and sebastian were 13
At the end of the play, who are the new couples? Sebastian and Olivia, Orsino and Viola
What does Olivia feel has been abused? malvolio
In what ways is Viola similar to Sebastian? twins,both come from sea, both native to Illyria, they come from the sea
Why is it ironic that Viola wins Olivia’s love for Sebastian, redeems Antonio’s life, and herself marries the duke of Illyria because she is a passive character
What role does time play in the play? Viola hopes time will solve her problems, it is sometimes cast in a negative light. it is referenced many times
In what ways is Antonio’s character a characterization of war? he is anguished, bound, confused and mad, and he faces the possibility of death

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