shakespeare and the real Macbeth worksheet

In what country was Shakespeare born? England
when was Shakespeare born? April 23, 1564
What was the name of the town where Shakespeare was born? Stratford-on-Avon
Whom did Shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway
How old was Shakespeare when he married? 18 years old
Name Shakespeare’s his children Susanna, Hamnet and Judith (twins)
What was Shakespeare’s mother’s name? Mary Arden
What was the name of Shakespeare’s theatre in London? Globe theatre
When was the Globe theatre built? 1599
What source did Shakespeare use for Macbeth? Holinshed’s Chronicles, Scotorum Historiae (1527) by Hector Boece
Why did Shakespeare write Macbeth? To entertain King James I
When did Duncan take over the throne of Scotland? 1034
What was the date of Duncan’s death? August 1040
How did Duncan die? killed by Macbeth and Thorfinn in battle
How long had Duncan reigned? 6 years
Name Duncan’s children Malcolm III and Donald (bain)
Who was Duncan’s wife? Sibylla Bearsson
What does the name Macbeth mean? son of life
Who was Macbeth’s father? Findlaech, ruler of Moray
Who killed Macbeth’s father? Findlaech’s nephew Gillacomgain
Who was Macbeth’s wife? Gruoch
What was Gruoch’s link to royalty? Daughter of Biote (Beoedne), son of king kenneth III “the grim”
To whom had she been married before? Gillacomgain
What happened to Gruoch’s first husband? Macbeth killed Gillacomgain
Name Gruoch’s child Lulach the Simple
Which men led an attack on Mac in 1054? Earl Siward of Northumberland, army and son
When did Mac die? 1057
How long Mac reigned? 17 years (1040-1057)
Who killed MAc? Duncan’s son Malcolm
Why did Malcolm kill Mac? for vengence and take crown back
What was mac’s reputation? good king, strict but fair (for 1st decade)
Who took the throne after Mac’s death? Lulach
How long did Lulach reign? a few months
How did Lulach die? killed by Malcolm
Who was the next to take throne after Lulach? Malcolm III Canmore (big head/great)
What happened to Fleance supposedly? fled to N.Wales, married Nesta/Mary, daughter of Prince of Wales
What is truth of Fleance and Banquo? they never existed
Malcolm II killed __________________ King Kenneth III
Malcolm II killed by ____________________his _____________________ Duncan, his grandson
Duncan was killed by _________________ Macbeth
Macbeth killed _________and took his wife ____________and raise son _________________ Gillcomgain, Gruoch, Lulach
MAc’s son killed by _______________who also killed _________________ Malcolm III, Macbeth
______________ was assisted in Duncan’s death by _____________, his cousin Macbeth, Thorfinn
Donalbane killed _________________, his own nephew Duncan II
Donalbane was imprisoned and blinded by ______________his ________________ Edgar, nephew
The man who helped attack Macbeth was _______________who was Duncan’s ________________________ Earl Siward, brother -in-law
How many generations are there btw Duncan and James 1st of England? 12 genes

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