Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet- English midterm

Romeo kills Tybalt; loves Juliet; goes to Juliet’s tomb for a final kiss
Lady Montague she inquires about her son after the first altercation; she dies grieving over her son, Romeo, who was banished
Friar Lawrence he agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet; gives Juliet a potion to fake her death
Paris he wishes to marry Juliet and is not a Montague
Nurse Juliet’s servent, mentor, or “Nanny”; finds Juliet sleeping and thinks she is dead
Rosaline she refused Romeo’s love and caused his depression
Juliet upset about arranged marriage with Paris; falls in love with Romeo; takes a sleep inducing potion
Lord Capulet Juliet’s father; stays up late to help prepare for the wedding of Juliet and Paris
Prince Escalus he banishes Romeo
Lady Capulet She wants her daughter to marry Paris; mother of Juliet; She thinks she will die soon after seeing her daughter’s death
Tybalt he kills Mercutio
Sampson a “hot head” and eager to fight in the first scene
Mercutio he insulted Nurse and was later slain by Tybalt
Gregory Capulet servent who talked to Sampson in scene 1
Benvolio he is a Montague; he explains the circumstances of Tybalt’s death
why is Romeo so sad at the beginning of the play? the girl he loves does not love him and want to get married
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? he hopes that it will help to end the feud between the families
what punishment did Prince give Romeo for fighting/killing? exile/banishment
Romeo’s slaying of Tybalt put Juliet in an awkward position. what did she decide to do? Weep for Romeo’s banishment
how do Mercutio and Tybalt die? Tybalt killed Mercurio, and Romeo kills Tybalt
Define “tragedy” and name one example of Shakespeare’s tragedies. a tragedy is a genre that deals with sadness and drama that usually end in the death of the main characters. An example of one is Romeo and Juliet
What is one characteristic of a comedy? what is an example of one of Shakespeare’s comedies? they usually end in marriage. an example is A Mid Summer Night’s Dream
what is the name of the theatre that Shakespeare helped design and built? Globe theatre
why is Lord Capulet hosting a feast? why does Benvolio want Romeo to attend the feast? Lord Capulet is holding a feast so that Juliet can meet someone to marry. Benvolio wants Romeo to go because he wants him to meet someone to help him get over Rosaline
after the feast, why does Nurse visit Romeo? what advice/information does Romeo give Nurse during her visit? Nurse visits Romeo to check him out and see if he is worthy or marrying Juliet. Romeo tells Nurse that he is in love with Juliet and to meet at Friar Lawrence’s cell to get married
When Romeo is banished, what advice does Nurse give Juliet regarding Paris? Nurse tells Juliet to marry Paris, because he is a better fit. She thought Romeo was to dangerous, because he had been banished and is in a lot of trouble.
how does Romeo find out about the feast? the clown was sent to invite people to the feast. He couldn’t read, so he asked Romeo and Benvolio to help him read it. not knowing that they were Montague, he invited them to the party
what is one reference to suicide in Romeo and Juliet? When Juliet finds out that Romeo had been banished, she becomes very sad and claimed that death would be better than life without him and she threatens to kill herself.
who wrote Shakespeare’s epitaph and what does it mean? Shakespeare wrote his own epitaph it means that if anyone moved his bones, they will be cursed.
Friar John he fails to deliver Friar Lawrence’s message to Romeo
Balthazar He tells Romeo that Juliet is dead
Apothecary he gives Romeo the potion
what plans did Juliet and Friar Lawrence make to help avoid marrying Paris? They planned that Juliet would drink a sleeping potion to make her seem dead. She would be brought to the Capulet tomb where Romeo would come and get her. Then she wouldn’t have to marry Paris.
After she wakes up from being drugged, why and how does Juliet kill herself? While Juliet was drugged, Romeo came to the tomb to say goodbye to her. Romeo then took his own life by Juliet’s body. When Juliet woke, she saw Romeo, dead, and stabbed herself.
what went wrong with Juliet and Friar Lawrence’s plan? Friar John was supposed to give the message to Romeo that Juliet was faking her death, but when he arrived at Mantua, he couldn’t pass through the gates. SO, when Balthazar told Romeo what had happened, he thought Juliet was dead.
Where is the climax of the play? i think the climax of the play began with Juliet taking the sleeping potion. from there until the end of the play was the climax.
who is responsible for Romeo’s death? I think that Friar Lawrence is responsible, because his plan was to risky.

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