Settings/conflicts in Antigone

Where does Antigone take place? Thebes, Greece
Polyneices vs. Eteocles Brothers who fought over ruling the city of Thebes. They kill each other in battle over the throne
Antigone buries Polyneices Creon declares the burial of Polyneices as illegal and punishable by death. Antigone goes against this law and buries her brother, Polyneices. This creates a conflict between Antigone and Creon because they have opposing views.
Haemon vs. Creon Haemon wants Creon to let Antigone go but Creon refuses. This causes a conflict because Haemon is on the side of Antigone and Creon despises the fact that Haemon is not respecting him.
Ismene vs. Antigone At the beginning of the book, Antigone wants to bury Polyneices, but Ismene realizes the effects of burying Polyneices because Creon made it illegal. Antigone and Ismene fight over the importance of family loyalty vs. civic duty.
Antigone vs. Creon Antigone believes honoring the dead is more important than human laws. Creon believes his law is more important than honoring the dead. This creates a conflict of opposing views and stubborn actions.
Death of Antigone Hung herself from her dress in a cave
Death of Haemon Stabbed himself with a sword in the same cave as Antigone
Death of Eurydice Stabbed herself with a sword by an altar

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