Scene 2 Antigone

When does pride go too far? when Antigone tells Ismene to tell everyone that she buried her brother
Why did Creon HAVE to punish Antigone? to prove that he was strong, like a man, instead of weak like a women
Who does Antigone follow more, and why? the gods, because they live forever
How does Creon react when he finds out that Antigone buried Polyneices? he cannot believe that his own family did it, and that a woman was brave enough to pull it off
Antigone thinks going against Creon is okay because she believes only the gods can judge crime
Who antagonizes Antigone? Creon
Because all of her family is dead and doesn’t want to be lonely Ismene comes and claims she had a part in burying Polynieces
Antigone becomes emotional because she is scared to die afterall and she wants her death to mean something
Antigone is engaged to Creon’s son Haemon
Why is Creon so mad at Antigone for burying Polynieces? she buried her brother against Creon’s law, and now she is bragging about it
What is one reason that Antigone was ok with dying? because her family was already cursed so she was going to die anyway
ways to get pride compliments/attention, intelligence, rank/power, success
Why is Ismene trying to share the blame? she is motivated by loneliness; she doesnt want to be left along without family
What is one reason Antigone is being so stubborn about her death? she wants it to mean something
which character is being too bold? Antigone—she went too far when she had to make sure everyone would find out what she did
Antigone follows the gods and is loyal to Polynieces but she is guilty of breaking the law and bragging about what she did
Antigone would rather have death than dishonor and takes immediate responsibility for burying Polynieces, but she soon gets scared and doesn’t want to die
Why does Antigone weep uncontrollably when she goes to visit the body of her brother? she finds that he was unburied
how did the guards catch Antigone? they unburied the body, and then waited to see who would come back. Antigone reappeared, and they witnessed her reburying her brother. They took her into custody immediately
Antigone would rather go against Creon instead of the gods because of their immortality
Antigone says that Creon cannot judge crimes because only the gods and goddesses can do that
Antigone has equal love for her brothers even though Polynieces attacked Eteocles and Thebes
the soldier brings Antigone to Creon and explains what happened with Polynieces Antigone takes immediate responsibility for burying him
Antigone stands up for herself and says that the gods would have wanted the burial of Polynieces to happen Creon doesnt listen and says he is going to kill her anyway
Creon continues to blame Antigone for things so he has more reasons to kill her Antigone continues to defend herself
the soldiers bring Antigone to Creon and tell him she is the one who buried Polyneices Creon was upset that it was Antigone
Creon asks Antigone if she knew about his decree beforehand She says yes, but she decided to bury him anyway
Antigone fights to say that Poly was no criminal Creon says, then you will die
Who does this sound like?”Fine, kill me, I don’t care.” Antigone
Why do you think Antigone wants to be known? So she looks like the brave person who stood up to Creon
What was done in the gods’ name? the burial of Polynieces
Who does this sound like?”No, I am taking you both” Creon
Ismene tries to make excuses why Antigone shouldn’t be executed. Because she is the bride of his son Haemon
Creon finds out that Ismene could’ve helped Antigone Antigone denies that Ismene helped her at all
Antigone is captured in the act of reburying Poly, and the guards take her to Creon Creon is surprised and angry at Antigone
Why is Ismene going to take punishment when she didnt do anything? Because her life will be lonely without any family

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