Scarlet Letter TEST Study Guide

How did Hawthorne have guilt associated with the Salem Witch Trials? He was related to one of the judges in the trials. He also changed his the spelling of his name to detach himself from this lineage.
Where does the Scarlet Letter take place? Boston, 1650
What does the prison door symbolize in Ch. 1? Heart of the Puritan community in which Hester resides.
What is the irony of the scaffold scene in which Hester is forced to stand on the scaffold with Pearl as a baby? Her child is the embodiment of the scarlet letter.
What action is commonly made by Dimmesdale throughout the novel? Hand over heart.
Who is “The Leech” in Ch. 9? Chillingworth
Although he has dedicated his life to making Dimmesdale miserable, Chillingworth pretends to be more concerned with what? medicine and his profession as a doctor
What does Hester do for a living? seamstress/needlework
What does Pearl notice on her mother, even as a baby? the scarlet letter
Why is Dimmesdale afraid to confront his daughter? It means he’s confronting his sin. She is the embodiment of his sin.
Who does Pearl claim her maker is? the rose bush
Who is Mistress Hibbins? Witch; sister of Governor Bellingham
What do Hester and Dimmesdale speak of in the forest? running away to Europe
What lights u[ the scene on the scaffold where Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale are brought together for the first time? A meteor which ends up turning to a bright letter “A”.
Who does Pearl enjoy torturing towards the end of the novel? Hester
When Hester is informed that she may be able to lawfully remove the scarlet letter from her bosom, how does she respond? She says no, only god can remove it.
(Symbols) The prison door harsh authority of the puritans
(Symbols) the rosebush Pearl’s wild, unapologetic, painful behavior
(Symbols) the forest lawless place, freedom
(Symbols) the brook Pearl’s mysterious nature
(Symbols) the “A” adulterer, able
How does Pearl react when Hester takes off the scarlet letter? She throws a fit and demands Hester to put it back on.
How does Pearl break the “spell” at the end of the novel? She kisses Dimmesdale.
How does Pearl transform from beginning to the end of the novel? evil to normal, successful woman
How does Chillingworth discover Dimmesdale’s scarlet letter? opens his vest
Who gives Hester medicine in the prison and asks to keep his identity secret? Chillingworth
How does Chillingworth transform from the beginning to the end of the novel? used to be calm and meditative to evil and unrelenting
After a while, the townspeople see Hester’s “A” in a different light. How have they changed the meaning? “Able” to overcome her lustful ways and transform her behavior from unlawful to pious.
How does Chillingworth foil Hester and Dimmesdale’s plans to run away together? He secretly tells the captain that he is part of Hester’s party and assumes responsibility for Dimmesdale.
What gruesome sight does Dimmesdale reveal on the scaffold? His scarlet letter “A” on his chest.
Who is the Black Man throughout the novel? The devil.
Describe Hester’s attire throughout the novel. grey, conservative, with a cap covering her hair, and a scarlet letter on her breast
How does Chillingworth view Dimmesdale’s “disease”? as one of the heart –> emotional woes
How is Pearl wise beyond her years? What does she notice that a typical seven year old might not be aware of regarding her mother, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth? She’s able to sense a relationship between the three of them. Notices Hester’s pain, Dimmesdale’s remorse, and Chillingworth’s vengeful behavior.

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