Romeo and Juliet x x

love is an overwhelming force xx
romeo and benvolio gate crash the ball
Mercutio and Benvolio tease the nurse as she gives romeo a message from juliet
Friar send Romeo a letter telling him to rescue Juliet from her tomb when the potion wears off. Romeo doesn’t get the letter.
saucy comedy banter
Nurse and Servants- Prose (comedy0
Act 3, scene 5 ‘o sweet mother, cast me not away’
Act 1 scene 5- Nurse about Romeo ‘Verona brags of himto be a virtuous and well governed youth’
‘a glooming peace this morning it brings’ Act 5,scene 3
‘sweet flower, with flowers thy bridal bed i strew’ Act 5 scene 3
‘thine’ ‘thy’ your
deaths will bring the end to their quarrel
lovers are ultimately doomed
Prince- introduces the threat of violence
introduction to Tybalt in sword fight- always wants to fight
Starting the play with physical violence- foreshadows
Romeo says love is confusing ‘a choking gall’ (bitter) ‘preserving sweet’
The characters of Rosaline and Paris make Romeo and Juliet seem even more passionate and loving.
Rosaline ‘chaste’ pure- her character contrasts with Juliets passionate behavior.
ball- suspense
tension when Romeo has a bad dream that makes him afraid to go to the ball- foreshadowing
Mercutio- queen mabs speech- spooky atmosphere
Romeo believes his dream was warning him about his fate. lovers ‘dream of love’
First convo- sonnet- how well they understand each other
theme-conflicthatred of the feud is tearing them apart from the first time they meet.
religious imagery-worship each other
‘my only love sprung from my only hate’
tybalts menacing threat -‘to strike him dead i hold it not a sin’
Mercutio comments ‘Rosalines quivering thigh’ contrast to Romeo
desire and passion are important in the play
Juliet is modest and impulsive/ Juliet says Romeo should ‘refuse thy name’ ‘if they do see thee they shall murder thee’
Romeo worships Juliet ‘bright angel’
Friar calls Romeo ‘young son’ ‘pupil mine’reluctantly agrees to marry them.
Friar ‘rancour to pure love’foreshadows Romeos suicide by poisonplants used to cure can be misused to kill ‘virtue itself turns to vice’
Friar warns Romeo not to rush ‘thy stumble that run fast’- Romeos impulsive nature’in a grave’spookily knowledgeable
tybalt provokes people
Romeo is cheerful ‘now art thou sociable, now art thou Romeo’Juliet has a positive effect on Romeo
‘thy love did read by the rote that could not spell’Romeo is too immature for lovecompares him to a child who can recite words but hasn’t learnt what they meant.
‘three hours long yet she is not come’ frustration ‘unwieldy,slow,heavy”wind swift Cupid wings’ imagery/impatient
comic contrast between nurses slowness and juliets wish for speed.
‘how my head aches’tease herclose relationship
rushed marriage’come come with me and we will make short work”love moderately’ otherwise it won’t be ‘long love”these violent delights have violent ends’
Romeo tempts fate ‘let love-devouring death do what he dares’dramatic irony
Act 3 scene 1- ‘mad blood stirring’violent imagesRomeo trys to stop the fight- hatred is so strongDramatic irony-audience know why Romeo doesn’t want to fight.
Mercutios death is a shock’a scratch”a plague on both your houses’ blames the feud’
Romeo wants revenge ‘this but begins the woe”fire’ey’d’prepared to kill
Juliet isn’t aware of the news- ‘wants it to be night immediately’spend her wedding night with her husband
Nurse- dramatic images’a bloody piteous corse”all bedaub’d in blood’
Juliet descrcribes Romeo as a ‘beautiful tyrant’angry ‘romeos hand shed tybalts blood’
repetitive language ‘banished’ ‘banishment’worse than deathoverwhelmed
Friar tells romeo to grow up ‘art thou a man’needs the friar to tell him what to do.
Capulet thinks Juliet will be ‘rul’d/in all respects’sinful
Juliet desperately wants Romeo to say ‘it was the nightingale”more light and light it grows’rhyme
Capulets rageshort sharp bursts’hang! beg! starve!”die in the streets”green-sickness carrion’
Nurse betrays Juliet when she advises her to marry paris ‘wicked fiend’
Friar is Juliets last hopefathers expected total obedianceshocked- she challenges his authority
real feelings ‘past hope, past cure, past help’contrasts with her controlled behavior to ParisFriar has to help!responsible for secret marriage
before taking the potion ‘call them back to comfort”festering’
preparing for the wedding- happy jolly and rushed atmosphereCapulets are in for a nasty shock- upsetThis scene mirrors act 1 when they are preparing for the ball.
Capulet describes Juliets death using image that ‘death’ is his ‘son in law’true fatelove and deathchange from ‘wedding cheer to sad burial feast’Capulets grief
Romeo dreamt he was dead foreshadows Balthasarscene explores the importance of fateRomeos impatiencesuicide-rushed and foolish
‘have patience’Friar has lost control of the situationignorance is driving the plot closer to tragedy
Paris defends Juliets honourRomeo begs Paris to ‘tempt not a desperate man’
‘deaths pale flag is not advanced here”shake the yoke of inauspicious stars’ and escape his fate.’heres to my love’ mirrors ‘Romeo!…i drink to thee’
Friar sounds frightened ‘come come away’cowardlycontrasts to prior
juliet kisses Romeo hoping ‘some poison yet doth hang on them’rushedeveryone learns the truth- most characters are on stagedeaths are punishment enough.’statue in pure gold’
Romeo: initially ‘in sadness’falls in love instantly’fume of sighs”fire-ey’d fury’ hot headed’a virtuous and well governed youth’
love for rosaline- childish and unrealisticnever experienced it”you kiss by th’ book’- no feeling
relationship seems practical and more ideal’by the hour of nine”young waverer’ falls in and out of love too easilytoo soppy
Romeos fatal flaw- obsessed with lowJuliet has ‘soften’d him’head strongbelieves in the power of fate ‘fortunes fool”some consequence hanging in the stars’ dark atmosphere
Juliet:people describe her using images of light’juliet is the sun’ ‘sweetest flower of all the field’long speechbeautiful ‘brightness of her cheek would shame those stars’romanticindependent ‘i needs must act alone”its an honour i dream not of’ ‘look to like’Romeo changes her attitude
Juliet is forward with romeoapoligises for ‘being too quickly won’audience wouldn’t think she behaves properly for her time.impulsive yet youngwon’t allow herself to cry ‘foolish tears’forgiving
Juliet rebels against societys expectations’o swear not by the moon, th’ inconstant moon’proof
Mercutio: tries to cheer Romeo up with Queen mabs speechpuns, innuendos ‘you have dancing shoes with nimble soles’ lively ‘peace,peace,mercutio,peace’ talkativelovers ‘dream of love’
Mercutio is always mocking other characterscalls tybalt ‘king of cats’ ‘rat catcher’wordplay ‘grave man’attitude towards love is cynical.contrast to Romeowhen he is killed all the energy dissapearsturning point’be rough with love’
Tybalt:’…talk of peace? i hate the word”honour of my kin’ loyalhe cares a lot about family honournurse ‘honest gentlemen’ ‘the bestfriend i had’destructive honour can be… taken to the extremes
Benvolio- trustworthytries to avoid fightingtells Romeo to ‘be gone away’ ‘ i do but keep the peace”what sadness lengthens Romeos hours’Tybalts agression is stronger
end their ‘enmity”raise her statue in pure gold”thou villain capulet’Lady montague dies of grief
Lady Capulet is bossy and ambituousmaterialistic ‘share all that he doth posseses”unforgiving”i have done with thee’
Capulet ‘scope of choice”disobediant wretch’controllingshows how women were expected to behave’belonged’Juliet begs for understandingcontrolling and unsymphathetic’my fingers itch’ ‘peace you mumbling fool’
Nurse acts as the go betweenjuliet and nurse driven apart at end’prettiest babe’ ‘thou wilt fall backwards when thou comest of age’comedy characteraffectionate ‘lamb”never was seen so black a day as this’irresponsible’happy days to happy nights’betrayal
Juliet calls the friar a ‘holy man’ ‘to hear good counsel”love moderately”so soon foresaken’questionablerisky plansi dare no longer stay
Paris keeps his emotions secretlaid in the tomb with JulietgenuineRomeos rivalconventional love’gallant”noble’
‘throw your mistemper’d weapons to the ground and hear the sentence of your moved prince’really formal poetrypowerfulprince cant escape the violence of the feudrelatives are killed
religion was more powerful than the law.moral rulesthe audience know she can’t marry paris. if she did, she would be breaking the law of the church.suicide was a sin
The characters respect for the church is shown through their relationship with the Friar.
Lord Capulet may be hurt.marriage etc
family structure forces her to rebel.Shakespeare audience- conflicted between family duty and personal happiness.
‘and ill no longer be a Capulet’
Peaceful people like Benvolio are forced to fight.’winking at their discords’
death is seen as the only way to escape the feud
Shakespeare deliberately made Juliet this young.
Rosaline and Romeo- courtly love’live chaste’
Romeo and Juliet show physical desire aswell’leap to these arms’
deaths,graves,curses throughout the playRomeo wants to be free from his fate’shake the yoke of inauspicious stars’ ‘o i am fortunes fool’fate vs personal responsibility
fight at beginning- immediately shown how violent the feud is.
‘my grave be like my wedding bed’hints at death
‘the day is hot”mad blood stirring’
Soliloquy when Romeo takes the potion
Religious imagery’my lips,two blushing pilgrams’
time imageryflowers Juliet- sad contrast just died

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