Disparagement verb: to speak of or treat slightinglySynonym: ridiculeSentence:
Enmity Noun: a feeling or condition of hostilitySynonym: MaliceSentence:
Heretics noun: A professed believer who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church.Synonym: ApostateSentence:
Prodigious adjective: extraordinary in size, amount, extent, degree, forceSynonym: enormousSentence:
Loathe verb: To feel disgust or intense aversion forSynonym: detestSentence:
Chide verb: to express disapproval ofSynonym: rebukeSentence:
Feign verb: to put on an appearance ofSynonym: pretendSentence:
Lament verb: to feel or express sorrow or regret forSynonym: grieveSentence:
Abhor Verb: to regard with extreme repugnance or aversionSynonym: hate, despiseSentence:
Thwart verb: to oppose successfullySynonym: obstructSentence: They thwarted the enemy.
Inauspicious Adjective: unfavorableSynonym: ill-timedSentence: The beginning of his career was inauspicious.
Peruse verb: to read through with thoroughnessSynonym: AnalyzeSentence: I perused the book
Haughty adjective: disdainfully proudSynonym: disdainfulSentence: The king was a haughty gentlemen.
Fickle adjective: likely to changesynonym: unstableSentence: During the game the crowd was very fickle.
Pensive adjective: dreamily or wistfully thoughtfulsynonym: meditativesentence: his life floated by pensively
Prudent adjective: wise or judicious in practical affairssynonym: sensiblesentence: the man was prudently saving his money
Beguiled verb: to influence by trickerysynonym: deceivesentence: he beguiled her into buying the camera
Rancor noun: bitter;malicesynonym: spitesentence: There was rancor between the two competing bands
Sallow adjective: of a sickly, yellowish or lightish brown colorsynonym: jaundicedsentence: she had a sallow complexion
Choler noun: anger;wrathsynonym: irritabilitysentence: You could see the choler in his eyes.
Transgression noun: violation of a law or commandsynonym: breachsentence: His transgressions were unacceptable
Oppression noun: the exercise of authority or power in a cruel manner.synonym: tyrannysentence: The citizens of the country were being oppressed.
Augment verb: to make largersynonym: swellsentence: Augmented reality is making the gaming experience become reality.
Pernicious adjective: causing insidious harm or ruinsynonym: harmfulsentence: In the DARE program we learned that drugs are pernicious.
Reconcile verb: to compose or settlesynonym: pacifysentence: he reconciled himself with God by confessing

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