Romeo and Juliet & West Side Story

Romeo Tony
Juliet Maria
Tybalt Bernardo
Nurse Anita
Mercutio Riff
Friar Lawrence/ Apothecary Doc
Paris Chino
Prince Escalus Lt. Schrank
Officer & Citizens Officer Krupke
Sampson Action
Benvolio Baby John
Abraham A-rab
Balthazar Anybodys
Montagues Jets
Capulets Sharks
Statesmen & Citizens Lt. Schrank & Officer Krupke
Nurses, Friars & Apothecaries (Servants of Upper Class) Anita & Doc
Verona New York City- Upper West Side
Capulet House (Ball) Gym
Doc’s Shop Apothecary/ Friar Laurence’s Cell
Juliet’s Balcony Maria’s Fire Escape
Capulet’s home The Dress Shop
Open Streets of Verona Under the Highway Rumbe
Capulet’s Tomb Playground
Act 1 fight in the streets of Verona Opening sequence of gang fight on the streets of the upper west side
Prince Escalus breaking up the fight Lt. Schrank breaking up the fight
Capulet Ball Dance at the Gym
Juliet’s Balcony Maria’s Fire Escape
Romeo and Juliet eloping with the help of Friar Laurence Tony and Maria’s dream wedding in the dress shop
Montague men disgracing the nurse Jets taunting and attacking Anita
Romeo’s Death Tony’s Death
Juliet’s Final Scene Maria’s Final Scene
Death of Mercutio and Tybalt Death of Riff and Bernardo
End of Romeo and Juliet End of West Side Story

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