Romeo and Juliet Week 1 Vocabulary- Mina Kim, Period F

Chaos nouna condition or place of great disorderThe gymnasium was full of chaos as the students were cheering for their school’s team.synonym: disorder
Aside nouna place of dialogue intended for the audience and supposedly not heard by the other actors on stageThe main actor had no problem with the aside in the play because he is known for having a habit to mumble under his breath.
Epitaph nounan inscription on a tombstoneThe epitaphs written on my mother’s tombstone was written by myself.synonym: commemoration, inscription
Tradegy nouna drama in which the main character suffersIn many tragedies, the main character usually dies and suffers from relationship problems.antonym: comedy
Oxymoron nouna rhetorical figure in which contradictory terms are combined”The living dead” is an oxymoron that can represent or rename what we call zombies.
Epithet nouna term used to characterize a person or thingsAfter joking with many of her friends, she earned the epithet “Joker”. synonym: nickname, title, eulogy
Wit adjectiveintelligence, funnyHer appearance did not match with her quick wit and sharp tongue.synonym: cleverness, humor
Soliloquy nouna speech revealing the character’s inner thought, but he/she is completely alone on stageThe play writer added a soliloquy at the end of the scene to create a dramatic effect.
Monologue nouna speech revealing the character’s inner thought, but he/she is not alone on stage . However, the other characters are not interacting with the one giving the monologueThe actress stood in the middle of the stage in the midst of a bustling crowd, reciting her monologue she had practiced for so long.
Hyperbole nounan exaggerationA commonly used hyperbole is “I have a million things to do”.synonym: overstatement
Dramatic Irony nounthe dramatic effect achieved by a speech that shows incongruityIn dramatic irony, there is much tension because the audience knows what happens before the characters.
Blank Verse nounverse consisting of unrhymed linesNot all poems a have to rhyme, many are actually blank verses.synonym: composition, free writing
Act nouna main division of a dramaShakespeare always includes exactly five acts in his plays.
Couplet nouna two-line unit of poetry that rhymes at the end; usually foreshadowsIn the beginning of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare includes a couplet to give a foreshadow of the play.
Prose nouna speech without material structure; ordinary, everyday form of writingAlthough many people might night realize it, they write proses everyday.
Scene nouna small unit of play in which there is no shift or timeMany people got bored of the play because of the lack of scenes and continuous setting and situation.
Choler adjective or nounanger, one of the four humoursThe mother felt her choler rising as her son kept on whining about not getting ice cream.synonym: bitterness, mad
Conjure verbto make appear by magicUrsula conjures up a contract with Ariel to take her voice.synonym: summon, produce
Consort verbto keep company; also a homosexual allusionShe chose to consort with the girl that sat by herself during lunch.synonym: associate
Enmity adjectivehatredThe enmity between Romeo and Juliet’s families eventually led them both to commit suicide for love.synonym: hostility, animosity

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