Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary- Week 3- Mina Kim, Period F

Sarcasm nounharsh or bitter derision or ironyThe little girl’s sarcasm led elders to think that she was being plainly disrespectful.synonym: mockery
Camphor nounany substance having medicinal or aromatic characteristicsIn Romeo and Juliet, Juliet used a camphor to fall asleep until Romeo came.synonym: potion
Circumlocution nouna roundabout or indirect wayThe famous yellow brick path was actually a circumlocution to many unknown locations.antonym: straightforward
Egocentric adjhaving or regarding the self as the center of thingsThe girl’s egocentric personality led her to become devastated when she not win the dance competition she was so confident in.synonym: self-centered
Cataclysm nounany violent upheavalThe cataclysm between the two feuding families led to many innocent civilians ending up dead.synonym: disaster, tragedy
Gargantuan adjlarge; giganticThe Titanic was a gargantuan ship created to carry hundreds or passengers.antonym: tiny, small, miniature
Paucity adjlittle; meagerThe dog was only given a paucity amount of dog food since he was gaining too much weight.synonym: scarcity
Juxtaposition nouncomparing side by sideThere was a clear juxtaposition of each of the cities when you crossed the guarded fences. synonym: set side by side, pair
Thwart verbto blockThe tennis player thwarted the ball from hitting her face with her racket.synonym: prevent, stop
Pun nouna play on wordsPuns can be created from many objects laying around your house. synonyms: wordplay
Exposition nounsituation or position with reference to direction or viewMany expositions include the main character’s visual appearance, personality, and background.antonym: resolution
Denouement nounthe outcome of a sequence of events, the end resultThe anticipated denouement of the book turned out to be much of a disappointment to those who had read all the volumes before it.antonym: beginning, introduction
Foil nouna fencing sword having usually a think; flexible four sided blade with a button on tip to prevent injuryWhen practicing, fencers use foils to make sure to not cut the opposing player.synonym: cap, protective seal
Inundate verbto fill with an overflowing abundance or superfluityThe students were inundated with tests and projects the week before winter break.synonym: overwhelm
Repote verbto lie at rest (as if you are dead)The frightened people repoted as the shooter looked for any alive victims.synonym: pretend, lie soundlessly
Augment verbto enlarge in size, amount, or degree; to swell, to make biggerAfter realizing that there was not enough room to seat everyone, the host augmented the size of the table by attaching a block of wood at the end.synonym: increase, amplify
Appertain verbwhether by right, nature, appointment, or custom; to relateThe topics on the test did not appertain to what the homework sheets were. synonym: be concerned with, regard
Effeminate adjwomen like, womanly; tenderThe woman had many men attracted to her effeminate personality.synonym: feminine
Agile adjcharacterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movementThe cheetahs needed to be agile in order to catch the quick antelopes.synonym: nimble
Adversity nouna state of hardship or affliction; misfortuneThe family worked hard to get through the adversity they had suffered through after the father lost his job.synonym: difficulty, trouble

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