Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Unit 3

Ambiguous (Adj.) Unclear
Inundate (Verb) To overwhelm with
Augment (Verb) To enlarge or increase
Lament (Verb) To express grief or regret
Banish (Verb) To expel or get rid of
Loathe (Verb) To detest or intensely dislike
Conjure (Verb) To summon to action or bring into existence
Penury (Noun) Extreme Poverty
Discern (Verb) To notice or to understand something
Peruse (Verb) To read or examine
Discord (Noun) Conflict or disagreement
Procure (Verb) To get
Disparage (Verb) To criticize or make seem less important
Prudent (Adj.) Sensible and careful
Enmity (Noun) Hatred between enemies
Tedious (Adj) Boring due to length/repetitiveness
Grave (Adj.) Serious and/or solemn
Visage (Noun) A mask or facial expression
Haughty (Adj.) Arrogant or condescending
Waver (Verb) To go back and forth

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