romeo and juliet vocabulary test

fervour noun- passion, intensity, eggerness- his fervour let him reach his full potential – no alternative form
impassioned adjective-intense, fervish, enthusiastic-it was imapassioned love that brought romeo and juliet together- impassion (verb)
belligerent adjective-trucelet, arguementative, wanting to fight-the relationship between montague and capulet was belligerent-belligerently (adverb)
confrontational adjective-belligerent, hostile- capulet and montague had a confrontational relationship- confrontation (noun)
discord noun-disharmony, animosity, friction- the city of verona suffered much discord- discording (adjective)
ardent adjective-fervent, passionate, loving-the relationship between the two houses is far from ardent-ardently (adverb)
impetuous adjective-characterised, by a sudden action, hasty-romeo’s love for juliet weas impetuous and difirate-impetousness (noun) impetously (adverb)
capricious adjective-acting on a whim, to change ones mind for no particular reason-the capricious actions of the protagonis lets us realize that their love is genuin-capriousiously (adverb)
prudent adjective-cautious, judicious, circumspeet- the way the two houses actied towards eachoth was prudent- prudently (adverb)
calamatious adjective -disatrous, woeful, horrific-the result of romeo and juliet’s love was calamatious-calamatiouly (adverb)
vengeance noun-seeking revenge-vengeance is high in the play romeo and juliet- no alternative form found
infatuation noun-fasicination, obession, passion-romeo’s infatuation for juliet is everlasting-no alternative form found
animosity noun-hatred, hostility, rancour- the animostity between the two houses is obseen- no alternative form found
derides verb-ridicules, mocks, scoms-capulet consistantly derides montague- derider (noun) deridingly (adverb)
disconsolate adjective-morose, dejected, melancholy-the play ends with a remarkable disconsonate feeling-disconsolatly (adverb)
enmity noun-ill will, antipathy, animosity-the enmity between the two houses is absolute-no alternative form found
pique noun-anger, displeasure, wrath-with the death of tybalt developes a pique between both houses-no alternative form found
enamoured verb-in love with, delighted with-the enamoured love in the play is clear -anamouredness (noun)
amity noun-love, affection, fondness-the play shows great amity between romeo and juliet-no alternative form found
violate verb-abuse dishonour, offend

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