Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Terms

Drama A story written out to be acted on stage; contains dialogue and stage directions; a play
Tragedy A drama in which the character suffers a major downfall
Comedy Drama characterized by humor and a “happily ever after” ending
Act Major portion of play
Scene Subdivision of an act of a play where action takes place in one stage setting
Dramatis personae cast of characters in a drama
Stage directions Directions to the actors written in the script of the play to tell them where to go or how to speak their lines
Exeunt Stage direction meaning “they exit”
Dialogue Conversation; spoken words between two or more characters
Monologue A speech by one character
Soliloquy A speech by one character who is alone on stage revealing his or her thoughts to the audience
Aside A character’s comment that is heard by the audience but not by the other characters
Dramatic irony A situation in which the audience has important information that the characters do not
Verse drama A drama in which the dialogue is in the form of poetry
Blank verse Poetry or lines of verse drama written in unrhymed iambic pentameter
Iambic pentameter Poetry in which each line consists of five feet (sets) of alternating unstressed and stressed syllables
Rhymed couplet Two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme; usually used to mark the end of a scene

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