Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary-Mack

solemnity serious or solemn observance or ceremonial proceeding (noun)
profane unholy, defiled, impure (adj.)
trifling small, unimportant (adj.)
saucy bold, impudent, insolent (adj.)
enmity hatred (noun)
shrift confession (noun)
languish to become less intense, to wane or abate (verb)
pernicious having a bad effort, damaging or detrimental (adj.)
portentous ominous, threatening evil (adj.)
prodigious marvelous, miraculous, wondrous (adj.)
assail to attack with violent blows, to assault verbally (verb)
impetuous capable of sudden action, emotion or violence, brash (adj.)
garish marred by excessive ornamentation; gaudy (adj.)
chide to scold, rebuke, reprimand (verb)
rancor feelings of ill will, hatred, enmity, animosity (noun)
repose time when one can relax (noun)
dissembler liar
jocund cheerful, merry (adj.)
discord lack of harmony (noun)
beguile to deceive or cheat (verb)
inundate to overwhelm with something (verb)
resolve firmness of purpose, determination (noun)
inter bury (verb)
penury poverty
pestilence epidemic (noun)
apothecary druggist (noun)
presage to predict (verb)
inauspicious not promising (adj.)
sepulcher tomb (noun)
aloof showing no interest, withdrawn, un-involved (adj.)
peruse to examine (verb)
inexorable impossible to persuade, to change or halt (adj.)

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