Romeo and Juliet vocabulary definitions

augment to increase or intensify
adversary enemy
chaste decent, pure
forfeit penalty or to lose
grievance grounds for resentment
pernicious harmful, lethal
warrant to give adequate reasons for
purge cleanse, forgive
solemnity character or style of being formal
conjure to charge, to call upon a spirit using a spell
envious jealous
peril danger
perverse determined not to do what is expected
procure to obtain through effort
chide to scold
distemper to make mad
perjury a lie
herald messenger
abroad outside of normal home
discover to reveal
exile separation from one’s homeland
mangle to ruin
naught nothing
tributary adding to; aid
purgatory a place of temporary punishment
fickle changes their mind alot
entreat to beg
immoderately excessively
prorogue to postpone or discontinue
cunning made with great skill
prostrate to lie face down on the ground
stifle to smother
kindred family
loathsome repulsive
presage to predict
straight immediately
pestilence deadly epidemic disease
aloof reserved
haughty proud
portentous indicating evil to come; ominous and threatening
importune ask urgently or repeatedly; annoy with pressing demands
consort keep company; associate with
repose rest or sleep; the state of being at rest
appertaining relating to; belonging as a part
sojourn to stay briefly
abhor regard with disgust; detest
inundation a flood
orisons prayers
environed surrounded; enclosed
solace comfort or relief
beguiled tricked or mislead, deceived
penury extreme poverty
inexorable unyielding
peruse read carefully
ensign flag or banner

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