Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Act II and III

Entreaty n. a plea, an earnest request, appeal
Entreaty Synonym petition
Entreaty Antonym command, demand
Utter v. to express by speaking, to speak, emit, pronounce
Idolatry n. worship of idols, excessive devotion, obsession, mania
Repose v. to lie or to be at rest
Air v. to make a public utterance, to verbalize or speak
Baleful adj. destructive, deadly, malign, sinister, harmful
Intercede v. to intervene and to act as a mediator, to arbitrate or interpose
Forsake v. to quit or to leave entirely, to depart or to withdraw from; leave, desert, abandon
Chide v. to voice disapproval, to scold, admonish, chasten, chastise
Rancor n. bitter deep-seated ill will, enmity, animosity, or antagonism
Utter Synonym vocalize
Utter Antonym suppress, mumble
Idolatry Synonym adoration
Idolatry Antonym disfavor, loathing
Repose synonym Beplaced, sleep, lounge
Repose antonym disturb
Air synonym express
Air antonym mute
Baleful synonym evil, menacing
Baleful antonym benevolent, helpful
Intercede synonym advocate, negotiate
Intercede antonym avoid
Forsake synonym relinquish
Forsake antonym return, rediscover
Chide synonym blame, berate
Chide antonym approve, praise
Rancor synonym spite, retaliation
Rancor antonym affinity, friendliness

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