Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary (Act 1 and 2, all pink words)

mutiny riot
foes enemies
toil hard work
choler anger
adversary opponent
covert the hidden part
augment increase
portentous threatening
importuned questioned
marred damaged (ruined)
unattainted unbiased (impartial)
Lammastide August 1st (Juliet’s birthday)
fortnight two weeks (14 nights)
disposition liking (attitude)
valiant brave
idle neutral (inactive)
vain useless (hopeless)
solemnity serious celebration
virtuous morally good
loathe hate
disparagement embarrassment
heir son to the throne
prodigious enormous
jest jokes
peril danger
idolatry idol worship
chide scold
doting obsessing
alliance bond (union)
rancor hatred
shrift confession
misadventured unlucky
purple fountains blood
bred of an airy word rumor
thrice three times
fray fight
whence where
would wish
morrow morning
tyrannous violence
soft wait
forsworn to sworn not to
liberty freedom
whither where
thither there
beseech beg
nuptial wedding
wherefore why
hither here
marry indeed
anon soon
doff forget
simple foolish

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