Lamentable definition:regrettable.sentence:It is truly regrettable that she failed the examination.
Blankverse definition: un rhymed verse.sentence:Finely he began to experiment with leaving most of the lines unrhymed.
Paraphrase rdefinition:restating.sentence:
Pernicious definition:hurtful.sentence:others might say hurtful things about you.
Augment definition:to make larger.sentence:they joined a larger group of shifting from the eastern to the southern wall.
Cunning definition:decieving.sentence: many people were deceived by her advertisement.
Vile. definition:offensive.sentence:we must respect their traditions,no matter how offensive they are.
predominant definition:having power.sentence:we have lost power.
tedious definition: tiresome.sentence: taking care of children can be tiresome.
abhor definition:to hate.sentence:I know u hate school.
wayward definition:disobedient.sentence:you are disobedient.
loathsome definition:disgusting.sentence:The food was disgusting.
dismal definition:gloomy.sentence:because the sky looked gloomy, i took an umbrella to work.
haughty definition:proud.sentence: I am proud of never being late to school.
ambiguity definition:unclear.sentence:tom’s intensions were unclear.
compromise definition:adjust.sentence: going to a new school can be difficult,but the kids will eventually adjust.
arrogant definition:claiming.sentence:she excused herself,claiming she was needed in the kitchen.
commend definition:to praise.sentence:their teacher praised them.
grace definition:pardon.sentence:she asked for my pardon.
forfeit definition:giveup.sentence:he is thinking of giving up teaching.
reverence: definition:awe.sentence: he stood in awe.
disposition definition:state of mind.sentence: she has a gentle disposition.
mistress definition:head of the house.sentence:i have a mistress.
rite definition: religious pratice.sentence:she has very many religious books.
perverse definition:corrupt.sentence:these politicians are corrupt.
apothecary definition:pharmacist.sentence:she is a pharmacist.
mortal definition:able to die.sentence:all human beings are mortal.
contempt definition:looking at someone with hatred or dishonour.sentence:they held a contempt for politicians.
cordial: definition:friendlysentence:she is friendly
betrothed definition:engaged to be married.sentence:this woman is betrothed.

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