Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

Appertaining to belong as a proper function or part of; relating to
beguiled to decieve by gule or craftiness
benefice a church office or position endowed with fixed capital assets
beseech to request earnestly
boisterous rough and stormy; violent
consort a companion or partner
cull to gather or collect
drudge a person who does tediou, menial, or unpleasant work
enmity deep-seated, often mutual hatred
inundation the state of being covered with water; being overwhelmed.
invocation an incantation in conjuring
languish to become weak or feeble
mantle a cloak
orison a prayer
penury a state of destitution; experiecncing extreme want.
pernicious evil; wicked
presage an omen
prorogue to defer or postpone
rancor bitter, deepseated ill will
poultice a soft, moist mass of bread, meal, clay or other substance.

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