Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

augment (v.) To make larger; to increase.SYNONYMS: enlarge, supplement, amplifyANTONYMS: decrease, diminishShe augmented the image to fit the page.
transgression (n.) A violation of a law, command, or duty.SYNONYMS: violation,ANTONYMS:Running a red light is a really bad transgression!
wanton (adj.) Reckless; loose in morals.SYNONYMS: reckless, heartless, unjustifiableANTONYMS: moral, just, kindThat wretched, wanton thief stole my chocolate bar!(n.) A spoiled, pampered person; one with low morals.SYNONYMS: brat,ANTONYMS:It’s a stereotype that children of wealthy people act like spoiled wantons.
heretic (n.) A person believing in or practicing religious heresy.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:Galileo was considered a heretic because he proposed that the Sun (instead of the Earth) was the center of our solar system.
devout (adj.) Having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment.SYNONYMS: religious, orthodoxANTONYMS: atheist, unorthodoxThe devout Christians showed resentment and disapproval to the heretic.
purge (v.) To wash away impurities; to clean up.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:(n.) The process of getting rid of something or someone decisively.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:
posterity All future generations.
conjure (v.) To summon into action or bring into existence.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:
procure (v.) To obtain (something), especially with care or effort.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:
perjury (n.) False testimony under oath.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:Once sworn in in court, it is illegal to commit perjury during a testimony.
dote (v.) To shower with love; to show excessive affection for.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:Parents tend to dote on their children and can be blindsided by their love.
vice (n.) A bad habit.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:Smoking is addictive and can become your vice if you are not careful.
dissemble (v.) To disguise or conceal, deliberately give a false impression.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:
fickle (adj.) Liable to change very rapidly; erratic; marked by a lack of constancy or steadiness; inconsistent.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:The minds of toddlers are very fickle, which mirrors their emotions.
appertain (v.) To relate to; to concern.SYNONYMS:ANTONYMS:If the topic doesn’t appertain to the current argument, then let’s avoid talking about it to save time.

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