Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

abhor to fear or hate. (verb) -I have an abhor of sharks.
adversary an enemy, opponent. (noun)-the other team is my adversary.
apothecary a druggist, person who makes and sells medicines. (noun)-Romeo bought his poison from an apothecary.
aqua vitae a Latin phrase that literally means “water of life” but actually refers to any kind of alcoholic beverage. (noun)-people drink aqua vitae at bars.
ascend to rise, go up, climb. (verb)-Jesus ascended from the dead.
augment to enlarge, to make greater in size or value. (verb)-the picture was augmented.
bandy to toss or pass words back and forth like a ball. (verb)-I had a bandy conversation with him.
banish to send away as punishment. (verb)-Romeo was banished after killing Tybalt.
bedaubed painted with smears, spotted with point. (verb)-my shirt was bedaubed.
bier a platform on which a coffin or corpse is placed. (noun)-there was a bier at the funeral.
bliss great, tremendous happiness. (noun)-After the retreat, I was filled with bliss.
brine salt or salty water. (noun)-the ocean is brine.
calamity disaster. (noun)-hurricanes are a calamity.
canker an ugly wound or sore. (noun)-I had a canker sore in my mouth.
courtier a person who lives at a royal court and uses flattery to win favors. (noun)-the nobles were such courtiers.
demesnes lands or properties. (noun)-The kings owned many demesnes.
dirge a slow, unhappy funeral song. (noun)-“Tears in Heaven” is a dirge.
distempered upset by sickness. (noun)-I am distempered when I have a fever.
doff to take off remove. (verb)-I doff my backpack when I come home.
engrossing to completely take the attention of. (adjective)-Tenth North Avenue is an engrossing band.
exile to be expelled from one’s home or country as punishment. (noun)-romeo was also exiled as a result of killing tybalt.
fain gladly, eagerly. (adverb)-I would fain go to another retreat.
fiend a devil. (noun)-A fiend is someone I wish to never become.
flecked spotted. (noun)-The two were flecked at the park together.
flourish to show off or display (verb)a decoration or musical fanfare (noun)-the house was flourished for christmas.
gall a bitter liquid. (noun)to annoy. (verb)-Pop quizzes gall me.
garnish too bright, coloful. (noun)-the sun is a garnish in the morning and evening.
gossamer a spider’s web which floats on summer air; refers to very light cloth. (noun)-Swimsuits may be gossamers.
grievances complaints. (noun)-People give grievances to the president.
henceforth from now on. (adverb)-Henceforth, we will have wacky wednesdays.
herald to announce. (verb)a messenger. (noun)-The king had heralds in his royal court.
inundation a flood. (verb)-Noah’s ark was caused by an inundation.
kinsmen male relatives. (noun)-My uncles are kinsmen.
marksman a person who shoots a bow and arrow or a gun well. (noun)-Katniss Everdeen is a marksman.
muffle to keep quiet by wrapping in something. (verb)-They muffled the dog with a towel.
mutiny a rebellion against a person in authority. (noun)-There were many mutinies in the middle ages.
nimble moving or acting quickly and gracefully. (adjective)-Ashton is very nimble.
osier wicker or straw. (noun)-I grabbed a green osier.
perjuries lies. (noun)-Her stories were all perjuries.
peruse to look over leisurely. (verb)-We perused the art in the gallery.
pinion a wing. (noun)-The bird’s pinion was hurt.
piteous sorrowful, sad. (adjective)-I became piteous of his story.
plait to braid like hair. (noun)-They plaited the princess’ hair.
poultice a hot, soft and wet mass of medicine and cloth that is put upon a sore or wound. (noun)-my wound received a poultice.
rapier a light and sharp sword. (noun)-I’ve seen a rapier in a museum.
semblance likeness. (noun)-The siblings have semblance.
sepulcher a tomb. (noun)-Mummies are buried in sepulchers.
variable changing. (adjective)-The war is a big variable.
vial a small glass bottle. (noun)-Poison is usually held in a vial.

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