Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

Adversaries (Noun) A person, group, or force that opposes or attacks; opponent- enemies
Languish (Verb) To loose or diminish in strength or energy
Esteem (Noun) Respect and admiration
Rapier (Noun) A thin, sharp pointed sword used for thrusting- sword
Transgression (Verb) An act that goes against a law, rule or code of conduct – offense
Valiant (Adjective) Possessing or showing courage or determination- courageous
Chaste (Adjective) Abstaining from all sexual intercourse- virgin
Grievance (Noun) A complaint about a wrong that causes resentment- complaint
Purge (Verb) Rid of impurities- cleanse
Solemnity (Noun) A trait of dignified seriousness- seriousness
Esteem (Sentence) They thought of her with high esteem.
Languish (Sentence) If I leave him alone, my dog will languish on the bed all day.
Rapier (Sentence) They used the rapier to fight.
Transgression (Sentence) They looked closely for further transgressions.
Valiant (Sentence) The girl walked valiantly.
Chaste (Sentence) The girl was innocent and chaste.
Grievance (Sentence) The girl had a deep sense of grievance over her friend.
Purge (Sentence) She wanted to purge all of the guilt she had.
Solemnity (Sentence) A look of solemnity came to her face when she walked into the principal’s office.
Adversaries (Sentence) The New York Yankees beat their ancient adversaries, the Boston Red Sox, to earn a spot in the playoffs.

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