Romeo and Juliet Vocab with example sentences

Pernicious adj. exceedingly harmful, having a bad effort, damaging, detrimental, deadly The pernicious decision of the company to make an illegal deal ultimately hurts them in the future.
Augmenting verb enlarge or make greater enhance or increase James’ augmenting success is obvious from his various expanding companies.
Grievance noun a complaint about a (real or imaginary) wrong that causes resentment and is grounds for action, a gripe or grief The cause of Jane’s revengeful vendetta was grievance of Amy’s disloyalty.
Partisans noun a fervent and even militant proponent of something, defender or supporter Although the family-owned pizza parlor is having financial hardships, its partisans remain loyal to eating there.
Transgression noun the violation of a law or moral principle, violation or misbehavior Through robbing the bank the thieves committed a transgression against the law.
Portentous adj. ominous, threatening evil, foreboding When the ominous feeling overcame the woman she knew the future would not be bright.
Heretics noun a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted dissenter or skeptic The heretic had a different perspective on religion than his friends.
Tyrannous adj. unjustly severe absolute or autocraticThe tyrannous ruler would not let the citizens make any decisions in government.
Assailing verb to attack with violent blows, to assault verbally, bash or criticize The article was assailing the new book with nasty critiques.
Gallant adj. brave; heroic splendid or courageous Spiderman’s gallant actions to save Mary Jane made him a well renowned hero.
Fray verb wear away by rubbing, fight battle, erode When they frayed, the struggling men they both fought for their life.
Martial adj. suitable for war, belligerent The martial soldier uses skilled techniques to win the battle.
Agile adj. moving quickly and lightly;well-balanced and quick on one’s feet energetic or nimble The gymnast was agile in her fast beat mesmerizing performance.
Exile noun deportation from a place banishment or exclusion The Hebrews were forced into exile across the desert for forty years.
Tedious adj. so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness dull or exhausting The tedious eight pages of math homework given were only used to keep the students busy.
Fickle adj. liable to sudden unpredictable change temperamental or unpredictableThe fickle spring weather brought rain one day and bright sunshine the next.
Abhors verb find repugnant or disgusting distest or loathe He abhors those who are disrespectful to homeless people.
Amorous adj. loving, affectionate romantic His amorous proposable in a room covered with roses was a romantic atmosphere.
Kinsmen noun relative in-law, blood related When she married, Jamey gained new kinsmen from her husband.
Cunning adj having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion devious The cunning daughter sneaked out of her bedroom window when she was grounded.
Variable noun something that is likely to vary; something that is subject to variation fluctuating feature The variable that changed was the amount of sunlight on the plants.
Procure verb get by special effort acquire or obtain She was able to procure a job interview with a prestigious law firm because of her dad’s occupation.
Vile adj. offensive, horrible disgusting Her vile clothes were inappropriate for school.
Sallow adj. unhealthy looking pale or dull The woman looked sallow and tired because she had the flu.
Waverer noun a person who shifts back and forth The waverer could not make a decision on whether to buy a red or blue shirt.
Lamentable adj. full of or expressing sorrow or grief, miserable John was lamentable because of his brother’s recent death.
Unwieldy adj. difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape, bulky or burdensome, agile,The unwieldy box was difficult to carry up the stairs.
Conjured verb summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic, invoke, turn off or disgust,The monster was conjured by the evil scientist and began to take its first steps.
Intercession noun a plea on another’s behalf, a mediation, appeal- The lawyer made an intercession for the defendant in order to refute claims made about him.
Pensive adj. deeply or seriously thoughtful, meditative or solemn, uncaring His pensive thoughts of what career to pursue consumed him.
Vial noun a small bottle that contains a drug (a sealed sterile container for injection by needle), flask or container,The blood was contained in a small vial in order to preserve it.
Enjoined verb instruct or urge (someone) to do something, order or command Although it was not required, the teachers strongly enjoined their students to participate in after school clubs.
Dismal adj. causing dejection, bleak, dreary, gloomy Her dismal project lacked creativity and originality.
Loathsome adj. hateful, repugnant The girl’s loathsome attitude toward her enemy was reflected in her dirty looks.
Supple adj. moving and bending with ease, bendable or agile After her facial at the spa, Kate’s skin was supple and glowing.
Valor noun boldness and courage bravery The hero’s valor in saving the city from evil was awarded with gratitude.
Remnants noun leftover part, fragment or remains After the building burnt down, there were only remnants to prove its existence.
Penury noun a state of extreme poverty or destitution, poverty or barrenness The community full of people in penury barely had wearable clothes.
Haughty adj. snooty or snobbish arrogant, humble or shy The haughty girl refused to talk to people in her school that were not a part of her social group.
Sepulcher noun grave or burial tomb or vault At his father’s funeral, he watched his dead being put in a sepulcher.
Ambiguities noun uncertainty of meaning doubt or vagueness The ambiguities in the case made the man unable to be proven guilty with certainty.
Scourge noun something causing misery or death curse or pest The scourge of the cancer made the girl weak.
Detestable adj. atrocious or horrid loathsome or abominable His detestable action of cheating on his wife made his whole town disgrace him.
Inauspicious adj. ominous or unpromising unfortunate or foreboding When the inauspicious news was broken, everyone weaped with sadness.
Devise verb a will disposing of real property conceive or dream up Charlie devised a plan to win the spelling bee and make his parents proud.

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