Romeo and Juliet Vocab Test

mutiny open rebellion against authoritiessynonym: revoltantonym: peace
strife conflict or bitter disagreementsynonym: brawlantonym: calmness
choler wrathsynonym: angerantonym: happiness
profane to treat with great disrespectsynonym: defaceantonym: support
pernicious causing great harm or damage without being easily seen or noticedsynonym: damagingantonym: harmless
portentous giving a sign or warning that something bad is going to happensynonym: ominousantonym: unthreatening
transgression a violation of a law/rule/conventionsynonym: crimeantonym: innocence
chastity the state of not sleeping with anyone until they’re marriedsynonym: abstinenceantonym: corruption
posterity all future generations of peoplesynonym: descendantsantonym: ancestor
heretic a disbelieversynonym: paganantonym: believer
hoodwinked deceive or trick synonym: misleadantonym: reveal
nimble able to move or understand quicklysynonym: skilledantonym: clumsy
misgives fill with doubtsynonym: distrustantonym: hope
disparagement a belittling description of someonesynonym: condemnationantonym: praise
scathe harm, injurysynonym: hurtantonym: mend
extremities height of disastersynonym: emergencyantonym: aid
adjacent close or nearsynonym: borderingantonym: apart
consort associate with someone who disapproves others synonym: accompanyantonym: shun
entreat to ask someone to do something in a serious and emotional waysynonym: beseechantonym: allow
perjury crime of telling a lie after promising an oathsynonym: deceptionantonym: honesty
perverse to act strangely/offensively on purposesynonym: crankyantonym: compliant
impute to suggest that someone/something is guiltysynonym: blameantonym: endorse
idolatry the worship of a picture or object as a Godsynonym: adorationantonym: dissaproval
vile morally unacceptable synonym: appallingantonym: pleasant
intercession pray or beg for on behalf of anothersynonym: interventionantonym: ignore
forsaken to give up or leave someone/somethingsynonym: desertedantonym: owned
sallow unhealthy color of someone’s complexion; yellow or brownishsynonym: dullantonym: healthy
prating talk foolishly or tediously about somethingsynonym: babblingantonym: quiet
feign pretend to feel or be affected by somethingsynonym: pretendantonym: be true
chide scold or rebukesynonym: berateantonym: approve
appertain relate tosynonym: applyantonym: none
effeminate having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a womansynonym: feminineantonym: strong
amorous showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire synonym: passionateantonym: frigid
garish excessively bright in a negative waysynonym: flashyantonym: conservative
lamentation a passionate expression of grief or sorrowsynonym: lamentantonym: rejoicing
enamorous to be filled with a feeling of lovesynonym: enchantedantonym: hated
calamity an event causing great and often sudden damage or distresssynonym: disasterantonym: benefit
reconcile to cause a person to accept or be resigned to something not desiredsynonym: accomodateantonym: agitate
jocund cheerful and lightheartedsynonym: happyantonym: sad
abhors loathe and regard with intense disgustsynonym: despiseantonym: love
stratagems a cleverly contrived trick or scheme for gaining an endsynonym: gimmickantonym: frankness
absolved to set free from an obligation or the consequences for guilt synonym: clear antonym: condemn
METAPHOR a statement of a comparison
SIMILE a comparison that uses “like” or “as”
PUN word play using two/more words that sound the same but have multiple meanings
PERSONIFICATION giving human qualities to an inanimate object
COMPRESSION o’er, anything with an apostrophe
ICTUS accent added to add to the number of beats in a sonnet
DRAMATIC IRONY audience/readers know something the characters in a show/play/movie don’t
ALLITERATION all words start with the same letter
ENJAMBED sentence wraps around in a sonnet, ends in middle
END STOPPED sentence ends at the end of a line in a sonnet
OXYMORON two words put next to each other that have opposite meanings
SONNET 14 lines10 syllables per line1 stanza per lineiambic pentameter meter (u/), ABABCDCDEFEFGG
CAESURA breaking rhythm that calls attention to a new plot point/emotion
TROCHAIC INVERSION stressed unstressed (/u)
IAMBIC PENTAMETER Shakespeare’s most commonly used rhythm for poetry with unstressed stressed and a certain number of syllables
COUPLET 2 lines that rhyme in a poem
QUATRAIN 4 lines with an alternating rhyme pattern
LOOSE RHYME poem that has no rhyming
RHYME SCHEME rhymes follow a certain pattern

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