Romeo and Juliet Vocab (Act 2)

Enmity NounDefinition: To feel hostile, mad, or hatred towards someone.Sentence: Because the two brothers are both in love with the same girl, there is a great deal of enmity between them.
Feign VerbDefinition: To pretend, To fake an impression.Sentence: I wish you wouldn’t feign illness on every first day of school.
Baleful AdjectiveDefinition: Threatening evil/deathSentence: When we approached the frightened dog, it gave us a baleful growl.
Wanton AdjectiveDefinition: To attacked when unprovoked, choosing wrong when you know wrong from right, immoral
Poultice NounDefinition: A wet material applied to the body in order to relieve aches and redness/swelling, usually made out of plants or flour.Sentence: Applying a thick layer of poultice to the burn stops it from worsening.
Unwieldy AdjectiveDefinition: Hard to carry/handle/manage because of object’s weight, size, or shape. ClumsySentence: The young boy found it difficult to hold the unwieldy ball because of its huge size.
Sallow AdjectiveDefinition: When a person’s face has a yellow/pale brown tint (sickly looking).Sentence: Although the boy said he felt fine, the pale tint of his sallow skin indicated he was not feeling well.
Peril NounDefinition: Serious/intense amount of danger.Sentence: His family was in peril because their was an intruder in the house
Repose Noun/VerbDefinition: To sleep/rest, or to lay down (to shut one’s eyes).Sentence: The man was lying in repose, so he could relax after a stressful day.
Blazon VerbDefinition: To display with pride, to announce, to show everyone/the world.Sentence: Protesters marched and carried posters to blazon their unhappiness with the government.

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